Barneys Warehouse Sale 2nd Markdown

— Mon, 30th August 2010 —

Nothing to flip over, but we’ve got some more markdowns to report from Barneys Warehouse Sale — going through September 6 — as of Monday, 8/30:

  • Casual pants, shirt, and (select) jackets – 40% off
  • Designer and casual sportswear – 25% off
  • Ticketed outerwear – 25% off
  • Suits – 25% off
  • Sports coats – 25% off
  • Dress shirts – 25% off
  • Sneakers – 25% off
  • All accessories (including ties) – 25% off

Otherwise, still quiet as shoppers hold out for steeper markdowns, i.e., the first weekend of September. Shoe’s are pretty solid — some of which you can see here — if still pricey. Designer stock was non-existent from Day 1, suiting is suiting, shirts abound…

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St btwn 7th & 8th – 212-450-8400 – Map

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  1. I don’t understand the difference between these markdowns and the first ones. Is the rack with the Steven Alan shirts now 40% off?

  2. I was there on Friday. Picked up a post o’alls shirt, a pair of raleigh denim jeans and a pair of engineered garments wool herringbone pants. Not bad I’d say. Shoe selections were atrocious in my size.

  3. Re: Steven Alan

    I was there at 12:45 and the Sportswear (Steven Alan) was still just 25% off.

  4. Was there a lot of Raleigh Denim? And if so, how much was it?? I have heard great things about their jeans.

  5. As of last night, the sportswear (i.e. Steve Allan shirts) was 40% off. I got a pair of Raleigh Denim for $69.50 (jeans are now 50% off and moving fast) and a great pair of Duckie Brown wingtips for about $150 (25% off). Just about everything else was between 25-40% off.

  6. Suits were still just 25% off. Casual pants were 40% off, didn’t pay attention to the dress pants last night, sorry!

  7. P, what size was that if you don’t mind my asking. I am a 32…

  8. Pants are 50% off, not 40%. Seems like there’s been a modest restocking over the last couple of days. I thought Band of Outsiders shirts had disappeared, but they are now over near the BOO suits in the designer section. Prices may drop even further on the weekend, but don’t bother, unless you really enjoy crowds digging over mostly garbagio. Go today or tomorrow.

  9. If I can rant for a minute… Considering the BWS must do a couple of million in business–would it hurt them to spend a couple thousand of dollars to replace all the mirrors in the men’s department? So many of the mirrors are so warped its hard to figure out what you look like in the clothes you are trying on. What contempt for their customers!

  10. Yeesh, I just trekked from Princeton NJ to the BWS and came back empty-handed. There’s still some good stuff left if you’re willing to sift diligently. I spent an hour going through casual pants/denim and found some Michael Bastian work pants, Rag & Bone khakis, Simon Spurr jeans — but declined on fit. The shirt selection was disappointing. Only a handful of Band of Outsiders l/s shirts left. Extremely limited selection of wearable items from brands I’ve seen more bountifully in past years, like Rag & Bone, RRL, Burkman Bros, Gitman Vintage, Patrik Ervell. Lots of bottom-of-the-barrel Steven Alan, Hartford, Barneys in-house, and that god awful Elizabeth & James label. Outerwear was similarly disappointing.

    Totally agree with Steve’s “rant.” Tried on some pants and went to the mirror, almost laughed at the circus-“hall of mirrors” effect from the mirror being so warped.

    Anyhow, there were clearly gentlemen buying, but this choosy beggar is sticking to GILT for awhile.

  11. Some additional mark downs noticed from last night:
    Casual pants – 50%
    Sports coats – 40%
    Sneakers – 40%
    Dress pants – 25%

    Everything else is still at 25%.

    As others already noted, selection is rather weak.

  12. More markdowns as of this afternoon:

    Jeans – extra 60% off
    Casual Jackets (in the back where the vests and imperfects are) – extra 60%
    All the designer sportswear – extra 50%
    Shoes – holding firm at an extra 25%

    I didn’t look at the suits or accessories so no idea where they are in terms of discounts

    Starting to get a little picked over for sure.
    I’m amazed at all the Ralph Lauren Black Label they had this year. It’s startling.

  13. actually, as of 7pm 9/1, the sneakers were marked down to extra 50% off; all other shoes, as Broguean noted, is just 25%. all casual sportswear was 50%, but blazers were 40%.

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