Barneys Warehouse Sale First Impressions

— Thu, 19th August 2010 —

About Day 1 of Barneys Warehouse Sale, we’ll have a more thorough accounting for you tomorrow morning, but consider these first impressions…


“The BNY sale was a big regurgitation of sales past,” writes star contributor and Eating Everywhere editor-in-chief Sam Jacobs. “What used to be the crème de la crème of NYC seasonal sales has turned into a predictable mess. Day 1 was crowded as expected, but late in the afternoon, when I arrived was at least east to get into – no lines….

When I go to sample sales I usually like to have certain items in mind – this time it was a navy suit and trim fit dress shirts. Their suit selection is always good with a wide array of labels. I tried on a Hickey suit in my size – too snug, a Burberry suit – too big, and a Michael Kors suit – WAY too big. No just right for me, so I moved on. I don’t even bother with the sportswear area or the shoes. You need a lot of patience, and frankly what I saw on the surface was not pretty – no wonder it was rejected from the actual Barney’s sales floor. I decided to look for my second set of items – slim dress shirts. Most of the shirts are Barney’s private label which are notoriously boxy. I managed to find a couple in my size, though that are slim cut, and fit quite well. So I bought two (don’t tell Carl).  My advice to the choosiest of beggars is unless you have something very specific in mind, and don’t mind sifting through a mine field of garbage and tourists, wait until the end of next week when the prices are slashed.”

Also find some good observations from PT here.

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St btwn 7th & 8th – 212-450-8400 – Map

  1. i was nearby so i stopped in…no wait at 630pm today. loads of steven alan reverse seam shirts, loads of band of outsiders and loomstate. the prices were higher than what the barneys end of season clearance sales charge.

    i will go back on the last day if prices drop 50% from where they are but otherwise, this sale is a consistent letdown.

  2. Do they have a decent denim selection?…Never stepped foot in a Barney’s Warehouse sale…

  3. There seemed to be a lot of jeans piled up on tables in the back room. I glanced and moved on. Like I said though, if you dig you may find a diamond in the rough. Good luck!

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