Century 21 Coming To Lincoln Center?!

— Tue, 31st August 2010 —

Chronicling the city’s commercial real-estate landscape isn’t our bag, but reports that Century 21 is replacing the massive Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center are INSANE! Insane good, or insane bad? Honestly, we need some time to digest all the implications. “The addition of a Century 21, a store that pulls thousands of locals and tourists in each day to the downtown location, is sure to add to the Upper West Side crowds,” notes MyUpperWest.com, which broke the news. On the plus side, Century 21 is for smart shoppers what air-fresheners are for NYC cabbies — imperfect yet essential. Clutter and crowds aside, we’d obviously welcome easier access to great deals. Thoughts? [MyUpperWest.com via Racked]

  1. I actually live in the building right above this location and I am torn between not having to travel all the way down to Cortland anymore and the absolutely insane crowds this will generate. The new UGG and Apple stores are bad enough during holiday seasons. Not to mention the post office down the street. It would be nice if there were still places in the locale where you wouldn’t see lines of 400 people on the sidewalk

    Cheerful Wish

  2. I went to Century 21 in Queens yesterday, mostly to get some ac. To my surprise, they did have a rack of Woolrich with some items not available downtown. They also had a little Paul Smith, Coming Soon, Versace. But no Martin Margiela or Marc Jacobs collection. Here’s the thing. C21 can open as many stores as they want. But they can’t necessarilly find more quality merchandise.

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