Men’s Style Rising

— Mon, 23rd August 2010 —

The cats over at Complex give it up for the men’s style bloggers. In particular: Justin Saunders at JJJJound; Myles Henry at Myles Henry Blog; William Yan at; Sean Sullivan at the impossible cool.; Marcus Troy at Marcus Troy.; and Phillip Annand at The Madbury Club and Award Tour. Keep an eye on these rising stars, whether or not you subscribe to their personal styles.

Bigger picture, it’s amazing to see how far the ‘genre’ has come in no time at all. Just two years ago, you could list the number of men’s style bloggers on one hand, and it was hardly a pastime to brag about. Now, for better or worse, all that has changed. We say worse only because we worry that too many guys will get caught up in the hype, forget that fashion is just one component of style, and that style is just one component of a good life. That said, we applaud the inspired work that these and hundreds of other bloggers are doing, and fully expect their numbers (and variety) to continue expanding exponentially.

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