Rethinking The Buy

— Mon, 9th August 2010 —

Key takeaways from The New York Times‘ deep-dive into contemporary consumer culture:

  • The recession has caused a major shift in consumption patterns.
  • People are saving more and spending less than they have in decades.
  • Experts predict this trend will continue long-term.
  • Retailers are offering greater “experiences” and complimentary services.
  • People are happier when they invest in experiences over objects.
  • Trying to keep up with the Joneses is a fool’s game.
  • The longer you own an object, the more happiness it’s likely to give you.

  1. Experiences over objects indeed. Especially when it comes to women. If you have a lady on your arm that’d rather some shiny trinket over a weekend getaway with you… there’s a problem there. But yes, there are most certainly times for the shiny trinkets. (For guys too. Who doesn’t like a nice watch?)

  2. My favorite quote from this great NY Times article……….”only termites, naked mole rats and certain insects like ants and bees construct social networks as complex as those of human beings. In that elite little club, humans are the only ones who shop.”

  3. mr. slow: Belstaff jackets are way cool, but they seem to have lost a little something in the translation since they are now owned by an Italian company. Absolutely love the Italians, but Belstaff is just not the same as when it was still British (and it’s more of a “fashion” brand now). But gotta love that Belstaff logo.

    I strongly recommend the Barbour International jacket as an alternative. Equally great history and provenance, great quality and great pricing (less $$ than Belstaff, in general). Check out (read comments) and

    As a motorcyclist, if you’re buying one to ride, please make sure whatever you get has shoulder and elbow protection. Take it from someone who has gone down………….

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