The Future Of Vintage

— Mon, 2nd August 2010 —

Are vintage shops doomed? Likely within city limits, reports Crain’s New York. The obvious culprits? The recession, soaring rents, and continued rise of vintage ecommerce. “The prices on Etsy kill me,” says Eva Weiss, one of many NYC business owners recently forced to pack it in. According to the business journal, Etsy now carries about 750,000 vintage pieces, which represents more than 12% of the site’s total stock. Meanwhile, eBay’s vintage apparel and accessories listings now number close to 460,000. As Crain’s notes, some brick & mortar operations are holding their own by expanding online — a strategy we hope our favorite haunts will follow in lieu of other more brilliant survival strategies.

Online or street level, what vintage proprietors do you recommend?

Earlier this year, GQ named the 25 top vintage destinations in America. The hometown winners included:

  1. I’m a big fan of Rags A GoGo, which is on 14th and 7th. It doesn’t have everything, but it is extremely well curated by the somewhat eccentric but very nice owner. Known mostly for western shirts and boots, they have some great vintage sports coats, leather jackets, vest and pants. All at great prices. Def. worth a look.

  2. one thing worth mentioning is everyone’s fear of bedbugs…im sure these stores clean their clothes but they dont advertise that…they should…because i find that im very hesitant to buy used clothes these days for fear of bedbugs.

    i cant think of any place in manhattan that id find something good. perhaps the odd old steven alan shirt at housing works but i usually go to salvation armys and goodwill is bad areas or in other cities in the south or west.

    nothing beats made in the USA, heavy cotton tees…the problem with lots of used clothing stores are they are filled with dogshit disposable clothing from urban outfitters, american apparel and stuff like that.

  3. the problem with Rags a go go is listening to the life story og the crazy owner.

    i have bought vintage at Cheap jacks he is not cheap but there is a huge selection.

    since sizing on vintage varies, I would rather by in person. also easier to check for stains and tears.


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