Barneys Warehouse Sale Begins…

— Fri, 13th August 2010 —

reminder: the sale officially begins next Thursday 8/19

  • BWS is dead to me (55%, 84 Votes)
  • Final Markdowns (37%, 56 Votes)
  • Mid-sale Markdowns (14%, 21 Votes)
  • Day One (24%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 164

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  1. Day one to take the lay of the land, then hit up accordingly when further discounts hit what you think is either acceptable, or the max they’ll go (shoe section, I’m lookin’ at you).

  2. Day 1: stuff clothes behind racks
    Day 15: return to find clothes have been taken
    Day 20: purchase crappy pair of pants that I will never wear

  3. It promises so much at first glance……until after changing your clothes 5 times at the back of a public aisle (trying your best to be discreet) you realize that all the suits are from 2005 and have 11.5 inch rises, grandpa style…….not this year my friends

  4. The key moment is actually when they restock, a little before the mid-sale markdowns. Oftentimes you can find really good stuff coming in from other stores. Avoid the last weekend, unless you enjoy being squished among Staten Island and New Jersey dudes fighting over junk from Michael Kors.

  5. I haven’t found anything good at the Barney’s warehouse sale in years. Last good sale was when they were getting rid of their Arnys collection and I was able to pickup some uinque Arnys ties.

  6. The one and only item of interest, well at least what’s piqued my interest in the past 3 years, has been the shoe section. It isn’t what it once was and i doubt it will ever be the same. The same could be said for Saks…

  7. here’s a KRAZY secret…the stuff that doesn’t sell at barneys when they have their summer/winter clearance sales goes straight to the warehouse sale for MORE MONEY. by the time its picked over by us smart shoppers at the end of the season, there is nothing but shit left.

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