At Bonobos Sample Sale

— Thu, 23rd September 2010 —

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Here’s what to expect at the Bonobos sample sale going down from 6pm, today, 9/23, through Saturday, 9/25: Plenty of pants — wool for $75, and cotton and cord for $50. (Buy three pairs, and get the four pair free.) All standard sizes available. Though highly subjective, Bonobos considers fit its specialty. Shorts and polos, also in abundance, are $30 and $25, respectively. No buttoned shirts other than about 10 white dress shirts for $25. Also expect to find a rack of navy jackets for $80, the construction of which is highly suspect.

Bonobos Sample Sale – 59 W. 19th St btwn – Suite 6B – Thurs 6pm-10pm, Fri 3pm-9pm, Sat 12pm-5pm – Map

  1. A bit pricey, but i succumbed. Overwhelmed by the sausagefest in the back room/ dressing room. $200 in damages.

  2. rather lackluster imo. the stock was overwhelmingly chinos, with very few wool trousers — it felt like shopping at the Gap, and the quality wasn’t much improvement either. rather boring polos and tees (again, you could find similar in style and quality at Gap). the navy blazers looked cheap. i spotted a few tuxedos, leather flip flops ($20), canvas shoes, etc. staff laid out a rather odd combination of cookies and beer. at $50 per pant, it was overpriced ($30 is more like it). no additional discounts as of Fri night. unless there are additional discounts (or you don’t mind overpaying for casual pants), this wasn’t worth it.

  3. Man…
    The quality of the stuff was so par to say the least. I would bet my life and all textile experience on the fact that UNIQLO, Rugby and J. Crew make better stuff (especially fabric) at similar, if not better, prices.
    And what’s with the boot cut leg opening? I mean I get it that everyone is still not up with the tapered leg, but seriously at least a straight leg.

  4. those navy jackets have lining that wasn’t color treated properly and stains…

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