At Scoop NYC Warehouse Sale

— Wed, 29th September 2010 —

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While the word “warehouse” suggests forklift-fuls of stock, expect a modest selection at Scoop’s warehouse sale going down today, 9/29, through October 11. The prices, meanwhile, are pretty attractive. See all the finds here.

Scoop NYC Warehouse Sale – 875 Washington St at W 14th St – 212-691-1905 – 9am-7pm daily – Map

  1. This looks like the same stock / prices scoop has had for ages; are you sure you went to right location?

  2. I only saw a couple of George McCraken shirts. Plenty of Steven Alan, though (that seems typical these days). The denim selection is great. Lots of Spurr and Raf by Raf Simons (light washes) in mostly smaller and larger sizes (meaning 28s, a couple of 30s, and then 34s and 36s). There’s also some Rag & Bone black and selvedge denim (there’s one pair of the black denim in 32, so if anyone wants it you better run). I snagged a pair of the black denim for $79. Plenty of Shipley & Halmos pants, too, again in larger and smaller sizes.

  3. only 1 pair of duckie brown wingtips left, in size 13.

    the duckie brown wool pants are actually $50, not $85 (50% off $100).

    picked up a pair of patent grenson wingtips.

  4. As of earlier this evening:
    the one pair of duckie brown wingtips that were still left (size 13 as imn204 stated), were in the black color (for some reason I expected to see the dark brown pair). There was only one pair of the duckie brown wool pants left (size 38). Also, there is also a decent selection of summer-y stock, such as swim trunks (probably about 20 pieces or so), graphic t-shirts, etc. if that is of interest.

  5. Does anyone know if they still have the Levi’s or Rogan denim left?

    preferably in a 36?

  6. I stopped by today to see if they were restocking stuff (doesn’t seem like they are) and I didn’t see any Levi’s or Rogan denim.

  7. Gents Century 21 in the city has plenty of duckie brown at $119 for the wingtips and suede loafers on sale @$79.


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