Brooks Brothers Suits Half-Off

— Wed, 1st September 2010 —

It’s no secret that Brooks Brothersclearance section features 50% off suits (and pages of other products) year ’round. However, today and tomorrow, 9/1-9/2, Brooks is halving the price of far more suits (and sizes!) than usual. Better still, all Brooks stores are honoring the markdowns, so you can try potential purchases on for size. For the fall, we’re loving this Fitzgerald Herringbone 1818 two-button down to $500. With its narrow lapels, higher armholes and trimmer fitting plain-front trousers, this ain’t your daddy’s Brooks Brothers suit. Pair the jacket with jeans, and the trousers with shirt & cardigan combinations, and you’re covered (in herringbone) ’til spring.

Brooks Brothers – 1934 Broadway at 65th – 212-362-2374 – Map

Brooks Brothers – 346 Madison Ave at 44th – 212-682-8800 – Map

Brooks Brothers – 1270 6th Ave at 51st – 212-247-9374 – Map

Brooks Brothers Wall Street – 1 Liberty Pl at Liberty St – 212-267-2400 – Map

  1. Digging that Herringbone! Question that maybe someone can answer here though: what can tailors do (and not do) when it comes to slimming down blazers and trousers? I’m a tiny man, and typically find most suits baggy to the point that it looks as if I’m a boy that’s stolen his fathers suit, and I’d require slimming of any Brooks Brothers suit I purchased to avoid that impression. Is anyone familiar with tailoring able to answer?

  2. Sorry, I can’t answer that, but I’d like to piggyback a related question here (in case a suit maven will respond): I have a similar problem with jackets/blazers. I’m medium height, 5’11”, but pretty skinny with long arms, so a 40R fits a little too baggy around the sides and front and back, but the sleeves are good, and a 38R looks better and more trim in the shoulders and torso, but the sleeves tend to be short. Is it better to get the 40 and try to find a tailor who can slim it down, or get a 38 and hope for a tailor who can lengthen the arms?

  3. Michael, have you had any luck finding a 38L?

    Otherwise, I’d go with the 40.