Club Monaco Sample Sale

— Tue, 28th September 2010 —

Through Thursday, 9/30, Club Monaco is hosting a sample sale, featuring steep markdowns on present and past seasons’ stock. Be wary of damaged goods.

Club Monaco Sample Sale – 601 W 26th St bwtn 11th & 12th Ave’s – 8th Fl, Suite 800 – Tues-Wed 9am-5pm, Thurs 9am-12pm – Map

  1. This was the first TRUE sample sale I’ve been to in probably 5 years.
    Remember the ‘real’ sample sales where you got a hush-hush email from a friend who worked at the brand telling you to come to their showroom for some ridiculously discounted clothes?
    This was one of those.
    Prices for menswear ranged from a low of $5 to a HIGH of $35 (for leather coats, of which there was one and it was hideous).
    Ties are $5, shirts are $10, sweaters $15, blazers/jackets are $20 and coats are $25.
    If you’re a medium, or a 40 regular or a 32 waist pant, this is a fairly unbelievable sale.
    Picked up 3 of those vaguely Thom Brownish- looking jackets with the grosgrain and locker loop detail for $20 each.
    In fact, I picked up TWELVE items total (ties, sweaters, jackets) for $140 total.
    I should note however that the stuff is all substantially wrinkled, there are no mirrors, the line moves a GLACIAL place (it’s 98% girls) and the selection was getting picked over in a major way by the time I left.
    But man, that was like the good ole days.

  2. AMAAAZZZZZINNNNGGG!!! My first sample sale, and my goodness…blow away. It was SO awesome that I actually went back today for a second round! After 4 cardigans, 2 blazers, 2 vests, and a handful of shirts…I’m pretty satisfied. A big wary though…since supposedly, there’s going to be a price drop starting tomorrow, and I don’t think my wallet’s ready for another round, haha. But man, with that previous post…should I go again? Haha

  3. I couldn’t agree with the comments made by Broguean and Dan the Man! My only regret is that I didn’t hear about the sale until after work last night. However I did go this morning before work and was very pleased.

    The line was pretty long by the time I eventually got in (9:25 am). You are right Dan, prices are reduced today because I walked out of there with 3 button down shirts and 2 sweaters for $42! Sorry I forgot to take pics but I was in a rush. Thankfully at that time there was no line at the registers when I had to leave. Looks like the majority of the prices now are between $5-$15!

    Before I left I overheard the guys working the register that they’d be surprised if they didn’t slash prices further!

  4. is there a phone number for the location? did anyone see a wool down jacket from last season?

  5. Went there yesterday morning and couldn’t find any size S. Walked away with a couple of ties for only $2 each.

  6. Checked in this morning at 9:15am, after a (silly/demoralizing) 45 minute wait, I was in and out, empty handed, in about 3 minutes. Maybe stock by this, the final day, has dwindled and/or beauty’s in the eye of the holder. Lots of white woven shirts and wild-patterned sweaters. A couple nice heavy wool overcoats, but no mirrors, so not ideal for trying on. I guess the style here is grab and go.