Extreme Vintage! The Bed Bug Edition

— Wed, 1st September 2010 —

This summer’s bed bug outbreak appears to have rattled even the most experienced second-hand shoppers. As The New York Times reports, “No one is more anxious than those shoppers who live to scout secondhand clothing shops.” Citywide, vintage purveyors swear that such fears haven’t affected sales. They do, however, admit to fielding tons of related questions from worried shoppers, while taking proactive measures to keep the bugs at bay. Housing Works, for one, said it fumigated its stores and its processing and distribution center in Long Island City. Like we said in July, the best defense against infestation is your local dry cleaner or laundromat. Also, in The Times story, an instructor at FIT suggests wrapping a product in plastic, and leaving it in your freezer for three days.

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