Without New York Fashion Week:

— Fri, 17th September 2010 —

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  1. What??? leave Detroit out of what???? Clean up your act, Detroit. Take Responsibility.

  2. God I don’t understand you people who don’t enjoy fashion weeks. You don’t have to follow fashion. You dress however you’d like. But the shows are still enjoyable, and its always good to at least have a knowledge of trends, regardless of following them, else you risk being the grumpy old man in the rickety house who still uses radio for entertainment.

  3. Those that are sh*tting on fashion shows have never been cool enough to make it to one.

  4. Totally ignorant on this, so ignorant-sounding question: can any regular citizen just show up and watch the fashion shows? For free? For a fee?

  5. در 6:21 pmmahnaz میگوید:man 24 smlaae darama rshad mikhunam be yeki az hamkelasiam ke 28 saleshe shadidan alaghe mand shodam injur ke malume ishun ham az man badeshun nemiad ama malume khejalati hastan va pa pish nemizaran age man beheshun pishnehad bedam khieli bad mishe? moshtaghim ya gheire msotaghim kodum behtar?