Go Time (!) At Barneys Warehouse Sale

— Thu, 2nd September 2010 —

You’ll hear experienced Barneys Warehouse shoppers speak of the sale’s sweet spot — a time when major markdowns have gone into effect, but the end-of-sale crowds have yet to invade. My friends, that time is now! Before those (outer borough) crowds descend this weekend, treat yourself to an additional:

  • Casual pants, shirts, and (tagged) jackets – 60% off
  • Denim – 60% off
  • Designer and casual sportswear – 50% off
  • Outerwear – 30% off
  • Tagged Outerwear – 60% off
  • Suits – 30% off
  • Non-tagged sports coats – 40% off
  • Shoes – 25% off
  • Dress trousers – 30% off
  • Dress shirts – 30% off
  • Sneakers – 50% off
  • All accessories (including ties) – 50% off

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St btwn 7th & 8th – 212-450-8400 – Map

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  1. It’s about time that Barney’s get rid of this crap. FOR SALE means the lemmings will dive and buy!

  2. Watch it with the “outer boroughs” talk. I’m sure most of your readers would agree: Brooklyn is cooler than Manhattan these days.

  3. actually can say that the sweet spot talk is right on target. i went yesterday and found some great stuff at 60% percent off. It’s all about knowing what your looking for (e.g. basics) and then investing the time. Found some great deals on cashmere and some great prices on pants/jeans.

  4. i was there last night…selection is downright dogshit. prices were fine but whats the point?

    i grew up in brooklyn…its not cooler than manhattan.

  5. Does anyone know if there will be additional cuts this weekend? I don’t remember if it ever went north of 50% in years past. Especially on footwear.

  6. I would also like to take part in further markdowns on footwear as well. I went by on Wed. and all sneakers were at 60% off with all other shoes and boots still just at 25%…..

  7. Additional cuts this AM. Shoes are 40%, sneaks 75%, denim 75% etc. The shoes are fugly though, be warned.

  8. Anyone know if suits and sportcoats were further marked down today (friday)?

  9. sport coats %60 off still

    found some great deals on pants and jeans 75% off
    i got:
    Raleigh jeans $35
    APC trousers $30
    burman bros & save khakis khakis $25

    i heard some employee say that they won’t go above 75% off though.

    prepare to dig though.

  10. got a pair of j brand jeans for 13 dollars, and a belstaff jacket for 200.

  11. It’s all about the pants, I swear. Granted, I’m a n00b to this sale, however, I spent 3 hours here and visited/perused each section with an equal amount of time and walked out with 6 pairs of casual pants/denim. For $170.

    I don’t think I can ever shop full price again….

    ps- be sure to check the boxes they have hidden under the tables with mountains of pants on top. I found some dope Save Khaki cords ($13) and Prada chinos ($30) among other things. Can you really turn down $25 selvage, too?

  12. Pinto, thanks for the tip about the boxes! That means I’m going to go back tomorrow…

    I just got back from the sale having snagged 4 pairs of jeans, 1 save khaki, and 2 button up shirts for $150.

    I don’t know if it was an error by the cashier, but she entered trousers at 60% off (signs were marked 30% off). That brought the Hugo Boss trousers to $50.

    Say what you will about the selection and general mayhem, but there are some amazing deals that can’t be beat at a standard sample sale if you’re willing to put in a few hours of searching.

  13. Brooklyn cooler than the city? wtf have you been smoking? too many newbies drinking the koolaid.

  14. Pinto,
    If you know there are great finds under the tables, why would you share that with the world? Why not save that for next time and the next time as well?

    Obviously, most astute shoppers know that already, but thanks to you, now the world sees that posted here…

    Maybe a little discretion next time, man…

  15. @c’mon man

    I *beg* to differ… The way I see it, the Beggar brings together a group of aesthetically conscious chaps- likeminded individuals who ought to share our secrets with the community.

    Every reader bright enough to read the comments this far down deserves their shot at those boxes!

  16. I got quite a few pieces this time around and I got some great deals. It was worth it to come every ones in a wile,since there is really some restocking happening. I always skip the last crazy weekend, but still wonder if I missed any further markdowns after Friday.

  17. Just curious. What were the final day reductions on suits, dress slacks, anything else interesting?

  18. On the last day, I only bought men’s sportswear, which was 75% off (signs were marked 60%). Women’s RTW (marked 60%) and Women’s Denim were both 75% off. I’d like to know if the men’s outerwear was reduced by more than 40% off. I recall the signs said 40%, but from my experience with other items, the signs weren’t up-to-date to reflect the at register discounts.

    I wish Barney’s made it clear what the discounts were before checkout. I definitely would have snagged an overcoat had I known the sale was better than 40% off.

  19. Why bother, a month ago at the store was already 60% off? Nicely set up n fitting room, I don’t go to barneys warehouse sale anymore in years.

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