Guess Who Won Details’ Blog Awards?!

— Tue, 28th September 2010 —

We did it, folks! Details just announced the winners of its first annual Fashion Blog Awards, and The Beggar took first prize in the “Guide To Shopping” category! A huge thanks to Details for nominating us for the award; to our superb contributors and tipsters; and to all of you who voted! While we’re sure the service we provide can be greatly improved, we have worked tirelessly for over two years to carry out our core mission of getting guys into better clothes for less money. The recognition means a great deal, and inspires us to be a better blog. Congrats to the other winners, and, again, THANK YOU!

  1. Well deserved!!!

    You can also leverage the award for better deals and stuff for me….uh….I mean….everyone.

  2. non related question — where is a good place for slim fit, or at least not boxy/saggy dress pants? i swear by brooks bros extra slim fit dress shirts now… but need the pants to match. I am not even that slim a guy, but everything is so boxy. got some random at Barney’s, and pick up random but looking for a staple brand where I can pick the color variation I need…. thanks.

  3. Congratulations! You’ve been doing a great job for a long time. Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve.

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