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— Fri, 24th September 2010 —

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  1. When this site started it tracked sales on men’s clothes and let me know whether to cross the city at lunchtime to get in on the action. Then coverage seemed to turn to just press releases and re-blog of e-mails from gilt, etc. that I get spammed with every day anyhow. Then lifestyle articles creeped in, then *gasp* there was a post about women’s clothes last week. I say go back to what made it useful in the beginning.
    Big thanks for all the work the editors put in, but mostly in the earlier days.

  2. About tracking sales — letting you know whether “to cross the city at lunchtime to get in on the action” — We actually do more of that than ever, Jay. No question about it. We don’t have the resources to track every sale, no, but we pick our battles, covering those sales that are less likely to get coverage from other online resources.

    Women’s clothes? Oh, jewelry and lingerie sales. We’ve always covered that sort of thing, filed under “gifts” — particularly around the holidays.

  3. It’s all about “picking our battles” isn’t it? In shopping and in blogging.

  4. I’d say keep the focus on shopping but think about going broader than just menswear (would be great to have an inside tip on a sale at, say, the Conran Shop at ABC).

  5. Really appreciate all your work from 2 years ago, but I think with the world of Twitter, this site has really lost it’s footing on the exclusive sales…and I find most of your posts on sales have already been widely broadcast. The “At the ….sale” is good, but otherwise too much re-blogging, sorry.

  6. I disagree with the above commentator – I like having one place that (hopefully) advises me of all meaningful sales. Otherwise a lot of it would fly by me – and I hate having (and basically just won’t) weed through a ton of irrelevant info/sales pitches on other sites to try to get to that info.

  7. i think the sites great, just keep the focus on alerting us of sales, and i agree the “at the…sale” posts are really helpful!
    keep up the good work!

  8. If you want a fresh angle, pay closer attention to the department stores. Often sales start before they are announced, which is when they should be brought to our attention! And Bloomingdales–if you have a phd in mathematics, you may be able to decipher their various specials and figure out when the best deals are on.

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