The Moc-Toe Boot

— Fri, 10th September 2010 —

Some may dismiss the moc-toe as one of the ugliest forms of footwear out there. But here at the Beggar, we’ve got a soft spot for the rugged aesthetic of this ugly duckling and have been noticing some similar love elsewhere.

So give those Indies a break and keep your toes warm this fall with one of these moc-toe’s:

$79 L.L. Bean Moc-Toe Boot Nubuck

$99 L.L. Bean Maine Lodge Boots, Moc-Toe

$320 Russell Moccasin Co. Featherweight Double Vamp Birdshooter

$350 Gokey by Orvis Adventure Boot

$650 J. Crew Russell Moccasin Co. Imperial boots

How would you rank these boots?

  1. Count me as a fan of the moc-toe boots. At some point boots were meant to be rugged, right?

  2. This look feels fresh again, although $650 price tag at J. Crew seems more than a bit excessive. Among these, I like the look of the Orvis boot the best.

  3. I have a pair from Cole Haan, but not anywhere as high as these. Probably chukka height. Will be breaking them out soon.

  4. I rock my red wings all fall/winter… they are moc toes and they are sweet.