What did you buy at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale?

— Fri, 10th September 2010 —

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  1. i did appreciate the “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate.” banner above the door this year.

  2. Needed to boost the wardrobe… 8 trousers, 6 ties, 1 suit, 1 winter jacket, 2 Armani polos, 2 shoes (made in italy), 1 sneaks and 3 dress shirts all for $1,130! Patience and multiple visits was the key. Now looking to further augment the wardrobe via other sales and additional staples (even at full price).

  3. Tried to be prudent.

    Only bought one hat..

    Just like the unworn hat I bought six months ago at the last sale.

    Curse you, BWS!

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