At 7 For all Mankind Sale

— Fri, 15th October 2010 —

Oh, man. Find miles of stitching and — fist pump, fist pump — super distressed denim at the 7 For all Mankind warehouse sale through Sunday, 10/17. Little else, aside from some sweatshirts we might kick back in. Got to love this stuff. Oh, think they still want you to RSVP here.

This is a denim sale. Period.

About 25 of the, oh, 25,000 pairs of jeans for sale.

Those sweatershirts we might wear… somewhere.

7 For all Mankind Warehouse Sale – Metropolitan Pavilion – 123 W 18th St between 6th & 7th – 5th Fl – 11am-8pm daily – 877-703-4872 – Map

  1. Bought one pair of jeans but have to say that the washes of most of the denim on sale didn’t appeal to me.

    Seemed that most of the jeans in my size (32-33 waist)were the “standard” model; there were some “jared” and “austyn” (sic) jeans ), but relatively few “boot cut” or other models out.

    “Austyn” and “boot cut” fit most like AG, which is my other denim go-to.

    went yesterday

  2. “Miles of stitching”
    Oh, you guys are funny with your pristine Japanese selvage denim, unadorned back pockets and hidden rivets. Do you size down?
    Get off your high fuckin’ horse, will ya?

  3. Did anyone see any Rhigby? I’m hitting the sale up tomorrow, just wanted to see if anybody had seen any in the racks…

  4. yea, there were a handful of rhigby but its a lot worse than the last one. everything was extremely distressed. everything.

  5. Went yesterday and was VERY disappointed…Found a pair of Rhigby’s that I already owned, and the only other color was their bleach washed white ones…terrible…Did buy a pair of Jared’s in a cool destroyed wash…Gold mine for people that love Bootcut and Standards…but pretty bad selection for all others…Anxious for the Rock & Republic sale there in November…so I heard through the denim grapevine…Nabbed a pair of Colburg’s last time for $80 and found the same pair online for $310 and in the R&R outlet for $240…

  6. So is this sale over?
    Are they going to have another one in the near future?
    Or how about any other name brand denim sales? sorry Im new at this

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