At Elie Tahari Sample Sale

— Tue, 19th October 2010 —

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Couple things about the Elie Tahari sale going through Saturday, 10/23. There isn’t that much stock. We’re talking three long racks of shirts, polos, light and heavy sweaters, light jackets, and a select few pants and heavier jackets. Stay away from most of the buttoned shirts, patterned knits, and overly designed gear… including the nylon faux tweed jackets (!) — maybe the most misguided design we’ve ever witnessed in person. Meanwhile, many of the basics, including long-sleeve tees, light sweaters, and hooded zip-up sweaters, we liked very much…

  • Sweaters – $70
  • Shirts – $50
  • Pant – $50
  • Woven jackets – $100
  • Cashmere jackets – $200
  • Knits – $20-$40

Elie Tahari sale – 510 5th Ave at 43rd st (Entrance is on 43rd), Ground fl – Mon 3pm-7:30pm, Tues-Fri 8:30am-7:30pm, Sat 10am-5pm – 212-398-2622 – Map

  1. Wasn’t that bad, the women’s section is a ZOO though. Picked up a really nice quilted lined 3/4 length suede jacket..

  2. There really isn’t that much stock. The good things were obviously gone by 9pm. I went at 12 and wished I didn’t waste my time. Really!!!

  3. Yeah it was extremely slim pickings. I managed to find a pair of paints that was decent, but given how long the wait in line was (~25 mins) and the checkout line (~10 mins) it barely seemed worth it.

    Definitely a women’s sale.. tons of selection/stock there, and tons of women lining up for it.

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