At Gant Sample Sale, Part II

— Tue, 12th October 2010 —

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Going through Friday, 10/15, there’s still a ton of very well priced stock at the Gant Sample Sale. Unfortunately, most Gant Rugger, Gant by Michael Bastian, and anything in a size small disappeared Monday….

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  • Blazers $95
  • Dress shirts, sweatshirts, polos, rugbys – $29
  • Sweaters / Cotton/Wool – $35
  • Sweaters / Cashmere – $45
  • Pants/Jeans/Sweatpants – $25
  • Leathers/Suede/Shearling – $195
  • Outerwear / Short/Light $50
  • Outerwear / Long/Heavy- $95
  • Vests – $45
  • Ties – $19
  • Tees $15
  • Cufflinks – $18
  • Gloves Knit – $15, Leather $25
  • Hats $15
  • Scarves – $15
  • Wallets/Small Leather goods – $15

Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Mon 8:30am-6:30pm (for VIPs), Wed-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – 212-230-1949 Map

  1. Didn’t go on Monday but went today when it opened. Lots of shirts still left in M, lots of pants in size 34, small corner of Gant by MB (but barely anything left), no S.

    Best deal in my opinion are all the scarves: a good chunk of them are Scotland lambswool and are $15!

    Also: Yes, they will restock! (It’s always good to go on Friday though; while the shirts will be combed through, you can always find something untouched like jackets or sweaters that are open for the taking!)

    Got: 2 dress shirts (since I have enough thanks to the previous sale haha), 1 rugby, 1 zip-up jacket, and 1 scarf.

  2. Sha – did they say when the restock will occur? I thought that previous posters had said that one restock was to occur last night and that was it.

  3. That yellow blazer looks neat. How’s the leftover blazer selection? Is it all size 40s…worth taking it to a tailor for size 38?

  4. Just got back… absolutely nothing in small, very few accessories other than belts or scarves. It was pretty busy in there — probably 20-25 in line waiting to pay when I left. Didn’t get anything this trip — thought about a scarf, but the line was just too long.

  5. Oh, and all the blazers I saw were 50’s… others may have seen more though.

  6. If you’re a M or (especially) a L, there looked like some good stuff left — sweaters and button downs — but, honestly, I didn’t check it out too closely since I’m a S.

  7. Awesome. Great blazers (if you’re a 50) and pants (if you’re a 34/34). Doubtful you’re both….

  8. So if I wear a Medium for shirts by Jcrew and LandsEnd, will a Medium in Gant fit? or should i get a Large? Are they “slim fit” at all, or regular fit?

  9. Just got back, all the good stuff is gone, obviously. Picked up this cardigan/sweatshirt thing for $30.

    Lots of Medium/Large stuff left, but nothing too noteworthy.

    @john – stick with medium, almost all of it is a regular fit.

  10. Very disappointing if you wear anything larger than “L.” Large and medium mostly and pants in 32-34. Nothing ventured nothing gained… will try again later in the week. Perhaps the xls will make a debut by then.

  11. Disappointing if you wear anything larger than L. Zip, zero, nada forthe bigger guys. Oh well! Will check back …

  12. Ok, let’s see what I can answer…

    – Restocking may happen tomorrow or Thurs morning.
    – XLs are very rare at this sale
    – I assume S will come back
    – The blazers are AWESOME. There usually are a good number left on Friday (when basically everything gets cut another 50% off – seriously. I got an awesome coat for $30 on the last day during the spring sale)
    – Size 50 blazers transmit to Size 40 (European sizes, right?)
    – Scarves are worth it – really nice, almost all Scotland lambswool!

    All in all, go when it opens at 8:30 AM!! Totally worth it, you can go in and out in around 30-45 mins.

  13. Also, @John:
    If you wear M in J.Crew, you should try M in Gant. Try to get the E-Z fit or Fitted fit; it’s a great cut, the Regular fit is a bit baggy.

  14. Is it worth it to go at the very close today for aceesories:scarves, bags, ties?

  15. Matt: i went at about 5pm today… not many bags left, just 4-5 messenger styles. still plenty of scarves, lots of wool, lots made in Scotland (some Italy), but too casual for my liking. tie selection was not terrible, both skinny and regular versions. also lots of webbing belts, tartans, plaids, etc. that seem relatively untouched.

  16. @ Sha: I don’t know who you talked to, but the three sales people that I spoke with assured me that there wouldnt be a restock. This was at 10 am, after your post

  17. I can bear witness to Gant Guy’s post. The staff was quite adamant. I, too, posed the same question to various staff on hand.

  18. 9am today – no restock, its looking like Eddie Bauer in there.

    If you’re a Large def worth going in terms of dress shirts, cashmere & sweaters.

    Nacho Broadway

  19. @Gant Guy @Steve L really! The cashier and 1 of the other guys told me so! Argh, sorry guys.

    I still stand by the scarves being the best deal though – $15 and they’ll prob drop to $7.50 on Friday…

  20. IMO, this stuff looks like Abercrombie rejects. Can someone explain the perceived luster of Gant?

  21. Went Monday AND Tuesday…two gorgeous blazers, a polo shirt with button down collar, 3 trousers and a multi-stripe v-neck sweater…$350 for the haul!
    Just called and they WILL re-stock women’s. Doesn’t help us out, now does it?

    Any reports from today?
    And do they DEFINITELY reduce prices on the last day?

  22. @RL: Gant is FAR from Abercrombie. I’d compare Gant to Ralph Lauren instead. The fit is also better; their E-Z fit and Custom Fit shirts cut around the waists better and a good chunk of them already have darts (2 seams in the back of the shirt to add a slim cut).
    Abercrombie is overpriced crap IMO.

    @Breakneckz: I’ve been to a bunch and they’ve always cut on the last day. They have to get rid of as much as they can!

  23. (In case you noticed, guys: I’m a Gant junkie, but that’s what happens when you find a brand that fits you PERFECTLY)

  24. Gant definitely many cuts above Abercrombie … the regular stuff isn’t that exciting and they occasionally have garish logos but the Rugger and Michael Bastians line have wonderful construction, look and detail especially at this price point.

  25. Thanks, Sha. Will give another try tomorrow. I, too, liken Gant unto RL. The Bastian stuff is beautiful and unique.

  26. Hey Travis,

    I was fortunate enough to go to the sale on Monday and walked out of there with some great MB stuff (T-shirt, short sleeve polo and rugby shirt). Although it was my first time seeing this collaboration in person, I completely agree with you that the quality of the construction, look and detail are terrific.

  27. Nacho – great grabs! I was hoping to find that burgundy windbreaker for myself, but it looks like you got to it first. Enjoy!

  28. Nicely done, Nacho!! One thing btw guys is that when you check out, make sure you add yourself to the mailing list.

    I wish that for the Gant by MB line, they took the lacrosse logo they created and stitched it onto a baseball cap. That would have sold so well! (I would have bought one.)

    On that note, does anyone have an extra Gant by MB patch lying around?

  29. as of Thursday morning any cashmere sweaters left and how’s the dress shirt selection? thanks for the help!

  30. Thinking of trying to get down there before they close tonight (around 6pm since I commute back from CT). Interested mainly in shirts and outerwear – size L. Still a good amount left? I’d love to wait until tomorrow, but there’s no way I could make it to the store before their 5pm close.

  31. Popped in again this lunchtime, unfortunately nothing left of any note.. plenty of shirts/jumpers in large, all Gant main brand.. no re-stock.. If you like stripy shirts and v neck jumpers well worth going tomorrow when they slash prices.

  32. I went today around 6pm. Good selection of M and L – I’m a L. I’ve never shopped Gant before, but almost all shirts and sweaters said ‘gant’ on them, so I assume that’s their basic line and not rugger or bastian. Ended up picking up two OCBD shirts b/c I wanted to make sure they fit. Fit perfectly, and glad I stopped by. Didn’t look to be much for smaller or larger sizes. There were only about 7 coats (outerwear) left and nothing remarkable. Maybe 3 jackets (sportcoats). Lots of pants and buttondowns.

  33. what are the reduced prices? think they’ll still be stuff in M around 3pm???

  34. went this morning at 10. really ugly. 3 M shirts left and that’s it. prices are half off of the above list but there’s almost nothing to buy that’s not huge, ugly and has GANT plastered all over it. bought a too large brown shirt, an o-ring belt and a women’s wool scarf since the 4 men’s scarves remaining were so ugly.

  35. From about 11:30AM on Friday:

    For size Medium:

    Maybe they combined some of the mediums since “Anonymous” from this morning, but there seemed to be more like 20 or so shirts (rugby with experimental-like button down collars, cable-knit sweaters with the aforementioned collars, and a few other long-sleeved shirts) most of which had the GANT branding as mentioned above. There also were a few stacks of button-down shirts on the shelves above the racks, but I honestly, didn’t those, so I can’t say for sure if they were medium or large.

    For size Large:

    There are actually a decent amount of shirts left in Large (exclusively from the Gant main line), definitely not anywhere close to what was available at the beginning of the week, but worth a visit if you are looking for some cheap(er) finds and happen to be in the neighborhood.

    Random: the 4 scarfs left were fleece, if it makes any difference. I would say there were about 20-30 pairs of pants left.There was a box of socks near the register, and a table-full of baseball caps (all had “GANT” written on them in one form or another). Some prices that I remember are: scarfs and hats- $10, Dress shirts, sweatshirts, polos, rugbys- $19, cashmere sweaters- $30?, Outerwear / Long/Heavy- $60 (about 5 jackets of any type were left, ALL LARGE), belts- $12 (cloth), $17 (leather).

    As expected, this sale is a shell of its former self (compared to Monday), but worth a look if you are a large, looking for last-minute deals.

  36. I don’t know if many of you read what I wrote higher above, but basically while Friday is them cutting all prices in half, the shirts are basically a lost cause in general. The jackets (when I went to the last one on Friday) were still in good supply.

    I may go in an hour just to see the absolute last things left…

  37. i was there at 11 am and there were no blazers left

    still lots of pants and shirts .

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