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— Thu, 7th October 2010 —

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Ever inspired by the student worker archetype, Loden Dager designs relevant yet lasting menswear for artists, academics, and thoughtful men everywhere. Today and Friday, 10/7-10/8, the respected label is hosting an overstock sale featuring 50% off F/W 2010 and 60% off S/S 2010. As a result, the prices aren’t quite as low as the products are strong. We’re talkin’ $500 for (beautiful) jackets; $250 for pants; $225 for knits; etc. Don’t forget, the first 5 guys to mention ‘The Beggar’ at checkout get a free Loden Dager tee.

F/W ‘10:

  • Coats – $500
  • Jackets – $550
  • Shirts – $200
  • Pants – $250
  • Knits – $225
  • Polos – $90
  • Tees – $75

S/S ‘10:

  • Jackets – $550
  • Shirts – $80
  • Pants -$100
  • Knits – $90
  • Tees – $30

Loden Dager sale – 147 W 29th between 6th & 7th – 5th fl – 1pm-4pm Daily – Map

  1. The prices you are quoting don’t make sense. Their shirts are around $200 retail, so 50% off should be $100, not $200.

  2. We actually didn’t do any math, Steve. (probably for the best) We just copied the prices from the 2 master lists (F/W and S/S), which you can find at the sale.

  3. Went by there today. There’s no bargain. The discounted stuff is very limited. A total waste of time.

  4. It’s really sad that CB is promoting for these sorts of “sales” now. This blog should only have one objective, and it’s to find great clothes, at great prices. I don’t know how much of a kickback you get for promoting these asinine sales, but your readers take notice. Please don’t stray for a little extra profit, or you will lose your lifeline- your readers.

  5. That’s funny, Brian. We most certainly did not receive any “kickback” for “promoting” this sale, nor have we ever. In fact, for next to no profit (AdSense doesn’t pay as handsomely as you might imagine) we go out of our way to carefully document what particular sales have to offer so you can judge them for yourself — from the comfort of your home or office.

  6. Hmm…There’s a tone of hostility by saying “That’s funny, Brian.” That’s not gonna keep your lifeline (your readers) coming back either. Just sayin….

  7. …but will also say that you guys have been great with your emails and I appreciate it. Just lay off the defensiveness with your comments, The Choosy Beggar. It comes off as insecure and -dare I say- immature 🙂

  8. I believe TCB’s response was apropos given the use of words like “kickback”and “asinine” in the previous post. Not only are those words unfair and accusatory, it was completely off the mark, and thus, “funny”. I got TCB’s point, and I didn’t take offense as a reader. Of course, leave it up to an anonymous poster to point out what they perceive to be “insecure” and–dare I say– “immature” comments. Sounds to me like someone else (and not TCB) got their feelings hurt.

    Personally, I like Loden Dager, but I would rather spend my money elsewhere. Those prices for LD pieces aren’t any better than those you could find on the sale rack at Barney’s CoOp. Once I saw those sample sale prices, I was ready to move on to the next post, sadly, as I often do on this site. Occasionally I find something I like, but that’s the beauty of this site– something for everybody. If you don’t like it, you can move on. Just don’t make false accusations without asking for clarification or getting the facts first. This isn’t a CNN comment board.

  9. @Brian

    STFU seriously. You don’t pay sh*t for this site and you’re threatening to leave?

    TCB says he doesn’t get paid for sales and google ads are worth nothing (having worked in online advertising, I believe him).

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