Don’t Think Women Don’t Notice

— Tue, 26th October 2010 —

The Hairpin‘s Mary HK Choi is losing her sh*t over guys’ improving style standards — we claim 100% of the credit!  — which makes for the funniest, must-read rant of the month:

I can’t figure out how old anyone is. I can’t figure out how gay anyone is. On silent subway morning commutes there are no tells. The brogues, desert boots and quickstrike high-tops not only have me manic-fantasy-banging every well-dressed dude on the F BECAUSE IT IS ALL SO GODDAMN GOOD but the fact that so many are suddenly well shod plus the prevalence of hard-bottoms straight CRIPPLES my ability to tell how rich anyone is… [The Awl via Racked / Pic via The Sartorialist]

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