Gant Sample Sale

— Fri, 8th October 2010 —

Tuesday through next Friday, 10/12-10/15, Gant is hosting its famous semi-annual sample sale featuring 80% off tons of jackets, shirts, trousers, outerwear, belts, socks, … See exactly what products and prices we found at the last sale. Oh, Monday is for VIPs, so, if you go, act the part.


Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Mon 8:30am-6:30pm (for VIPs), Wed-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – 212-230-1949 Map

  1. Beggar:

    When you say VIPs, you mean a friends and family list at the door, or do you mean real VIPs (in other words, should I try to work connections to get onto the list, or is it a lost cause)


  2. @will: The former. Try and go anyway, it’s 50-50 if they have a list.

  3. Are Tuesday’s hours the same as the Wednesday-Thursday hours?

  4. No need to rush for this sale on the first day; they constantly restock throughout the 4 days or so that it runs. I’ve found plenty of gems on days 3 and 4 in the past.

  5. Choosy Beggar, will there be any Gant by Michael Bastian items at this sale?

  6. Seconding Gant Guy’s question…Any chance Gant by Michael Bastian items will be included?

  7. Come on Beggar, answer your own popular thread….

    Will there be a range of sizes, including smalls? Or will it mainly be mediums?

  8. Anyone know if they’re letting people in who are not on a “list” ?

  9. Good News: No List. Just walk straight in.

    Bad News: The Gant by Michael Bastian section was mostly cleaned out in less than 30 minutes. Only a few shirts, tshirts and a couple of virulently orange cords left. I don’t expect any of those things to survive past noon.

    Still lots and lots of stuff there though. Lots of wintry things.

  10. I just left the sale, there is GANT by Michael Bastian, but very little and ONLY the samples in mediums,

  11. no list, straight upstairs to the 11th floor.
    Lots: Mediums & Large, sweaters, dress shirts, polos, heavy coats, pants(cords, trousers, jeans), scarfs, bags(leather/cloth), cuff links
    Decent amount: blazers, jackets(leather, varsity), light coats, ties, tshirts,
    Limited: Small & XL+, Michael Bastian, vests, hats, gloves

    More detailed price list;
    Dress shirts, sweatshirts, polos, rugbys – $29
    Sweaters – Cotton/Wool – $35
    Sweaters – Cashmere – $45
    T-shirts $15
    Pants/Jeans/Sweatpants – $25
    Blazers $95
    Leathers/Suede/Shearling – $195
    Outerwear – Short/Light $50 Long/Heavy- $95
    Vests – $45
    Cufflinks – $18
    Gloves Knit – $15, Leather $25
    Hats $15
    Scarves – $15
    Ties – $19
    Wallets/Small Leather goods – $15

    I’m going back for lunch, I’ll ask if they expect more MB throughout the week.

  12. Nacho Broadway is all over it haha. I just got back from the sale (was surprised that it wasn’t packed) and was able to pick up several Gant by Michael Bastian items (t-shirt, short sleeve rugby, long sleeve rugby) for $67.50. Since it didn’t seem like there was a lot of that left I’m pretty happy.

    Tons of outerwear there might have to go back later haha.

  13. great sale if you’re a M or L, otherwise check out the great accessories..ties, bags, etc. they expect it to be crazy tomorrow, so go today. the staff are also very helpful.

  14. something i don’t get tho.. what’s the fascination with rugby gear? do that many people play rugby.. or are even rugby fans? and why, with the amount of rugby shirts, is it that there are no rugby shorts.. too daisy dukey for americans?

  15. To all the people who saw the Bastian stuff: were there any wool topcoats from that range?

  16. Every MB item I saw was a size Medium and no MB coats, there were Gant topcoats, peacoats, so on.
    they did have the trench coat, blue track jacket, the trucker jacket and the half zip pullover jacket

  17. Thanks Nacho. How were the shirt and sweater selections? Were there a good amount of small’s, mediums and larges?

  18. Didn’t see many smalls if any at all, very good amount of M & Ls. Great size variety in their pants.

    Sweaters were really good, some I almost picked up were;

    At $35 great price at up to 80% off. I would advise wearing something light because space is tight. I had a shirt & tie so I didn’t feel comfortable enough trying the sweaters on.

    I returned at Noon and a couple more MB pieces trickled it. Seems maybe the reps are slowing putting a handful of MB items out through out the day. Picked up the blue windbreaker and the rugby with the laces in the front. Again all MB I saw were in Mediums.

  19. just came back, got a rugger short jacket for $50, a MB longsleeve and MB sweater, and a blazer. seemed like 99% of the pants were a size 34, bad luck for larger dudes like me.

    **************also, i asked 2 salesmen if they would be replenishing throughout the week, and they said whatever was out was all they had.************

  20. James, are you talking about Bastian stuff being replenished or all stuff being replenished?

    I was expecting Bastian stuff to be limited, but not Gant or Gant Rugger.

    Can you clarify?

  21. Just got back as well. Like it’s been said, pants were largely 34 with minimal 32. LOTS of cashmere scarves, sweaters and button downs. Didnt see much Rugger mixed in or MB stuff but there were a few pieces on their own rack in the middle of the showroom. Belts were plentiful as well and in a huge box.

    Was able to snag what seemed like the only navy toggle/duffle coat in a Large for $95, which was a huge steal. Lots of outerwear for M or L guys and some of that is Rugger. Salespeople were very helpful and they did mention they expect a crazy day tomorrow so I’d suggest everyone go today if they can. Beware of the parade on 5th ave as well…tourists abound.

  22. gant guy, everything. my first question was about the trousers & blazers specifically being filled in throughout the week, and he said everythign they had was out already.

  23. @ Gant Guy:
    There was indeed ONE Michael Bastian topcoat.
    Gray, Chesterfield style with the velvet collar and contrasting undercollar, ticket pocket and elbow patches. Terrific.
    I bought that (it was a measly $95) along with the ONE pair of MB for Gant ‘destroyed jeans’ skinny jeans (size 32) and the ONE plaid/camel MB for Gant blazer with the retina-searing orange elbow patches (size 48).
    The MB stuff is cut one if not two sizes smaller than regular Gant.

    The staff assured me there would be no magic box of ‘oh we forgot to put these on the floor’ MB items making a strategic appearance later on this week. So I’m pretty much done over there.

    Definitely go today if you can.

  24. This sale is always great. Michael Bastian stuff was pretty much cleaned out by the time I got there but I got one cream colored v-neck sweater. A little bit of Rugger stuff left, I got a great blazer, some pants, another sweater and two scarves. Spent about $225 total.

  25. picked up some great MB trousers in herringbone and donegal wool…gotta love the little melanged speckles of colors in those tweeds.

    if you’re into bright corduroys, this is the place to go. every color under the sun including hot pink and lime green in their “chip” fit…which fits a little like the apc new standard jean. finds of the day for me included two rugger plaid workshirt/jackets and a gant “rainslick” sailing short jacket/hoodie. go today.


  26. Just got back from Sale. Not bad, snagged a few shirts – was hoping for more Rugger stuff, but still worth a stop.

  27. Broguean, what size was the topcoat? If it’s a 38R, I’d buy it off you…

  28. It’s tagged a medium which I imagine is probably a 40. It’s definitely a 40 in the shoulder. Body is NARROW.
    It fits me perfectly. I’m gonna wear the hell out of it comes the colder months…sorry.

  29. So if I wear a Medium for shirts by Jcrew and LandsEnd, will a Medium in Gant fit? or should i get a Large? Are they “slim fit” at all, or regular fit?

  30. @john

    I’m usually a M in the GANT mainline (and J.crew) but I have to size up to a L for Rugger (this includes shirts/jackets/sweaters).

  31. got couple of blazers one is from 2011 summer catalog (luxury line)

    Michael Bastian is few and far between. very few pieces left. i got one long sleeve polo.

    very happy overall.

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