I Couldn’t Live Without…

— Fri, 29th October 2010 —

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  1. Well Daffy’s at 462 Broadway, & 335 Madison Ave are my favorites. the good thing about it is that you find Italian made items for very good affordable prices, I’ve save so much money with this economy, I wished I knew about Daffy’s years ago when I’d just to shop for $175.00 Paul Smith shirt at Bergdorf Goodman.

    Now Century 21, I go to both, the one on front of the old Twins Towers & the one in Brooklyn is on 86th Street mid-block up from 4th Avenue. I’ve found TOM FORD TIES AND POCKET SQUARES!! I could not believe my eyes Choosy. not to mention the Polo Ralph Lauren Purple label ties for $49.00, what a heck of a deal. and the same tie that I’ve paid $49.00, SFA got it for $175.00!!!! no lie my brother. OLD POLO>NEW POLO ANY DAY!!

    And final TJ Maxx I got to the one in .. Mill Creek Mall at Harmon Meadow 3 Mill Creek Drive Secaucus, NJ, but I heard the open a few here in the city. my experience with TJM, I’ve found a $ 1295.00 Purple label hunter green coat for 250.00, any words to that!!! Bless Choosy and by the way I love your work!!!!

  2. C21 has been very good with Woolrich lately. But its mostly about Barneys (including the Warehouse Sale). And Gilt. Can’t forget them.

  3. Housing Works. It’s pricey, but unparalleled. INA selection, thrift shop pricing.


  4. Steve: Yeah my opthalmologist happens to be on Broadway and Cortlandt Street and I went into C21 after my appointment today. I picked up a wool blend Woolrich scarf.

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