Last Minute Halloween Kit: Euro Tourist

— Fri, 29th October 2010 —

Literally, the only thing you need is an Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bag! For added effect, consider more Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bags, heavy cologne, a street map or three, a small European family, a general unfamiliarity with your present surroundings, Gucci loafers, etc. You’re welcome!

  1. why in the world does the 5th ave location always have a line to get in?…
    have to be tourists

    Nacho Broadway

  2. I work near the A&F store on 5th Ave. and walk past the Waldorf every morning to get to the office. Trust me when I tell you this description could not be more spot on. If you’re taking out a teenage trick-or-treater with you, don’t forget to put some hideous multi-colored neon ‘Dunks’ on their feet. Might as well trim their hair into the mighty faux-hawk to finish the look.

  3. How about an “American Tourist” costume? Gain 80 pounds and put on a baseball cap.

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