Levi’s Cone Mills Denim Giveaway

— Fri, 29th October 2010 —

Sure, the holidays are still a month or two away, but that’s no reason to sit on good gifts! The gift in question? One pair of Levi’s 505 Limited Edition Cone Mills selvedge denim jeans, size 34/32. As their box illustrates, these are #53 of 505 pairs in existence.

To make them your own, just retweet this post, and tell us — either in the comments section or via email — who’s the best department store salesperson in NYC. The winner will be selected randomly next Friday, 11/05.

  1. The best department store salesman in NYC is Christopher Ferre at Bergdorfs. I don’t shop their often at all, but I bought a pair of jeans there and he was very patient and wanted to make sure that I got the pair that fit the best. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

  2. I think I’ve shopped with Christopher also. I have his card around here somewhere and he also helped me with a pair of jeans. No interest in the jeans as they’re too big for me, but did want to shout out Christopher.

  3. When I still lived there I was the best salesman. I could sell myself anything I barely even wanted without hardly trying.

    Ryan Whitehead

  4. I think Kevin Thai at Barneys Co-op is the best sales man in NYC. He helped me find a right pair of shades and he even helped me out at the barneys warehouse sale!

  5. Bridgette in Bloomingdale’s has hooked me up with a couple suits for almost 70% off. She hooks a brotha up!

  6. Nothing improper. Just during sale season and with a bunch of coupons.

  7. The best salesman in NYC who I have come across is Michael at the J. Crew Liquor Store in Tribeca.

    Brandon Paul Adams

  8. i guess staff at opening ceremony @ ace hotel are polite and helpful.

    do you want us to put our twitters in the optional ‘website’ box when we comment or are you looking at retweets?

  9. Either’s fine, kman, but we’re looking for the names of specific salespeople! … but, don’t worry, you’re still entered to win the jeans.

  10. Eric Goldsmith, owner of Jean shop, and basically all of the people in there. They know how they are going to fit, what size you need, (so you don’t have to try on pair after pair after pair) and they are genuinely interested in hearing what you want…Bonus for the shots of Tequila doled out!

  11. Steven Rivera at the J.Crew menshop in SoHo was helpful in getting me a suit that they had to special order.

  12. I’ve had very good experiences with the sale people at the J Crew Men’s Shop, Dave in paticular.

  13. btw, if you want dept store (and not my earlier j.crew rec) I have had lots of good peeps at saks. a guy named wayne is apparently the #1 salesperson in men’s; he’s usually on the 6th floor near 5th ave in the hickey freeman room. he can be a bit rude if you’re not buying. there is also a guy named joey across the hall

  14. whoops

    best person i had help me was Ralph at Bloomingdales in the mens button down department. Very helpful and knowledgable

    Divino Paran

  15. I think the employees at the J.crew Men’s Shop read this blog frequently

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