Meet: “eBay eDit”

— Mon, 4th October 2010 —

Today, we’re introducing “eBay eDit” — a daily post featuring a predetermined number of amazing eBay deals. Pretty straightforward, right? What will make the posts even better, though, is if you use the comments section to suggest additional eBay finds, and particularly strong sellers. (We’ll do our best to weed out the irrelevant self-promoters.) Here goes nothin’!

  1. Nice finds! Though I worry that the amazing deals will no longer be amazing deals after everyone sees this.

  2. Think you’d be surprised how unique everyone’s style and size requirements are, Chris. For all you potential contributors out there, the ‘eBay eDit’ is the perfect platform to tell guys about those ‘near’ perfect products, i.e., those shoes that don’t quite fit, or that amazing jacket you already have two of. Also, the point is to highlight good sellers as much as good products.

  3. This is a great idea and is very beneficial to people who don’t have the time or expertise to find items on ebay. Great stuff.

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  5. Given that eBay is rife with knock-offs and fakes from China (like, uh, virtually every Belstaf, G-Star item), is this feature going to be able to weed out the fakes?


  6. We obviously can’t make any guarantees, Gordon, but we will use our best judgment, stick with top rated sellers, etc. If we do post what you suspect is a fake, PLEASE let us know!

  7. I think this idea is great, i hope it gains in popularity. It will give me confidence in selling on Ebay again after past disappointments, i feel this is a win win for sellers and buyers. Only the foolish would advertise rip-offs and knock-offs knowing this community will be policing itself.

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