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— Tue, 5th October 2010 —

  1. love the site, but this is a really bad idea. as in, it lets people too lazy to search ebay bid up prices with ease. just sayin.

  2. Quit your b*tching Bruce. Seriously where’s the love for your common man?

  3. A lot of people can’t see the bigger picture. I think The Choosy Beggar’s are trying to show us that Ebay is a good source to find rare jewels. While ebay is a good place to search for them it’s also flooded with scammers and fakes. I think its a good idea that the Choosy’s are picking pieces and presenting them for us that way it weeds out not only fishy sellers but also helps us find pieces we might spend hours looking for. So to them It’s not just about the ebay auction deals its about finding and promoting pieces that look good (maybe even at steal prices) as well as promoting reputable sellers that way we can avoid scammers and fakes on ebay and jump into the legit seller stores who have numerous goods.

    Keep up the work Choosy’s I like the idea.

  4. I also like the new feature. As someone said before, everyone’s tastes and sizes differ and really this is just a good way to get you thinking about what sellers and items are out there so you can start searching around yourself.

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