The Endorsement: Bean Boots

— Wed, 20th October 2010 —

Proving once again that a product needn’t be new, exclusive, or expensive to merit adoration, Commerce With a Conscience spotlights the boot of the season: L..L. Bean‘s Classic (with a capital “C”) Bean Boots. “Amazingly, almost nothing about the boots has changed; aside from the updated eyelets, I haven’t been able to spot a single difference between the old and new,” writes CWaC. “For L.L.Bean to still be turning out the same product – built to the same specifications – despite its age, size and standing is a pretty remarkable thing.” The one area where we give Bean mediocre marks is in the versatility department, as we wouldn’t recommend wearing them to even the most casual (urban) office setting, or dinner engagement — settings where other boots do just fine.

  1. Also, keep in mind Bean Boots run about a size too big. I wear a 10 1/2 shoe and bought a size 10 Bean boot from an LL Bean outlet upstate. A thick pair of winter socks definitely do not fill them out.

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