Uniqlo’s +J Fall ’10 Drops Thursday

— Wed, 6th October 2010 —

While opinions differ, we strongly believe that (at retail) no clothing line offers a more attractive cost-to-quality-to-style ratio than Uniqlo’s +J. As such, you need to know that its Fall ‘2010 collection drops Thursday morning, 10/7, at *8am*. Expect the down quilted jackets, wool/flannel tuxedo jackets, and wool/flannel Chesterfield coats to fly! No word on pricing, but Spring 2010 outerwear ran $50-$150; shirts cost $40; pants $40-60; and knitwear $30-$130.

Uniqlo – 546 Broadway between Prince & Spring – 917-237-8800 – Map

  1. I thought that the store opens at 10 am on weekdays. Is it opening early for the +J line?

  2. because of the weather i pulled out my +J wool military jacket from last f/w season. i had forgotten how much i loved it.

  3. How quickly does the collection usually sell out? Any chance there will be anything left in a week?

  4. No word on exactly how much +J stock they’re expecting, but it’s typically limited and the most coveted pieces disappear quickly. Again, choice sizes of the down quilted jackets, wool/flannel tuxedo jackets, and wool/flannel Chesterfield coats won’t last long…

  5. Is this it until spring, or is there a winter shipment coming in later. Need a warm overcoat

  6. re: hcr: It depends on the item like a denim shirt last season, size S and M sold out the first week.

  7. I’ve found that, other than the most coveted pieces, they end up having a lot of this stuff in the store for a while. They had last seasons chesterfields available all winter and there was a whole spring +J section in the back on the first floor. But if you want to get just the right piece in the right size, gotta go early.

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