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— Fri, 19th November 2010 —

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For strictly shopping purposes — not philanthropic — it’s probably best that you didn’t drop $100 on last night’s “Fashion For Action” VIP event. Too crowded, really, and the stock wasn’t worth writing home about. Still, one happy reader wrote: “Walked away with a past season Brooks Brothers Black Fleece (Thom Browne line) khaki trench for $150 (down from $1600) and some nice Gitman Bros. vintage shirts for $35. Good times.” From Brooks Brothers suits to Opening Ceremony peacoats, here‘s some of what we found. Worth a visit this weekend, we’d say.

Fashion For Action Public Sample Sale – Chelsea Thrift Shop – 143 West 17th St btw 6th & 7th – 718-838-5050 – Map

  1. Any word on sizes? Would love some small brooks stuff,or maybe even that woman’s jacket…

  2. Just came back from it and they were restocking Brooks Brother’s Thom Brown… Score a grey wool suit, a tuxedo and a blue trench for $150 each !!!! ; )

  3. Just got back, tried calling in advance and was told they were too busy to confirm sizes

    Selection for BB was pretty good IMO. Ended up with a Size 5 (not sure if it is a L or XL) blue coat for $150

    Was surprised to see none of the mens sizes were in standard 40+ format all BB1-BB5

  4. picked up a size 4 blue single breast trench (that comes with a cape). either small (0,1) or big (5) sizes left in suits. loose pant selection was good too.

  5. Can anyone confirm if they’re restocking tonight? Wanted to head back tomorrow for a grey suit.

    Also, thanks for the head up choosy. Walked away with a beautiful BB wool sport coat for $75.

  6. The Black Fleece they are hocking is pretty incredible.Lots of beautiful suits and outerwear. Scored a beautiful gray chesterfield for $150. It usually retails for $1500, so that’s 90% off. If anyone knows of a better deal at a sale open to the public, I’d like to hear about it.

  7. Dude. I picked up a BB1 pinstripe for 150. Nothing can beat this. Sadly, no smaller sized suits left for men. All BB4+ besides their trench, which imo, too loud.

  8. Hey Choosy Beggar, DON’T “Definitely see what’s left in the BB women’s section”

    It’s hard enough competing for goods with other women I don’t need skinny little boys competing with us girls for WOMEN’S clothing. Besides, I always notice it as odd when men wear shirts\jackets that button up on the womens side.

  9. Lmfao, Ms. Kim, get over it, it’s not like girls don’t shop for menswear. Not to mention, what are YOU doing here on a MENSWEAR blog?

  10. I also got a BB1 size suit towards closing on Friday. The only other BB1 size I saw was a nice gray wool suit. Exactly one BB0 pinstripe jacket. Lots of 4s and 5s. The ladies in front said they’d be replenishing suit stock for Saturday, though I’m not sure what sizes. There’s still TONS of full-length khaki trenches at $150, though grabbing a suit would be much more bang for your buck, imo.

  11. I was looking for a story about Housing Works and found it on Racked I believe and clicked away till I got to this sight. That’s how I landed on a men’s website.

  12. Scored two coats and a tux for $450. I’m a 40-42 suit depending on the cut and I was a BB4-5 (Browne might have intended for me to be a 3, but I don’t like the too-tight, too-short look). The sizes today were heavy on the 1s and 2s.

  13. No more BB0/1 suits at 12pm. Fews BB1 trench coats, but they are 6 feets long…. Got a pair of diesel jeans for $35, a nice belt for $8, and a set Zac Posen for Target bow tie set for $8. Jeans and accessories sections is not bad, because everyone is looking for cheap BB suits.

  14. Friday at lunch I scored a preppy cashmere cardigan, a heavy wool suit, and a bunch of different coats each exquisite and hard not to buy including the navy rain slicker with the removable cape. Of course, after work I had to go back and I found a bunch of pants and a tux. This morning I went back and bought xmas presents for family. Basically, I scored a lifetime supply of fancy coats, slacks, as well as a suit and a tux. My favorite finds were a double breasted grey cashmere coat that was lined inside with more navy cashmere for 200$ and under the collar was the old brooksbrothers price of $4900! I saved 4,700$. They were restocking occasionally so I would go back if you like this italian made thom browne brooksbrothers stuff. Since the beginning, I’ve been one of Black Fleece’s best customers so basically I got to fill in all the holes in my wardrobe for 10 cents on the dollar.

  15. oh, and btw I actually think this old italian made bb stuff is way better than the current collection in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

  16. I’m going to make one more trip down tomorrow. Did not see any BB 2’s this afternoon. Where are they?!

  17. Does anyone know if Brooks Brothers will be offering free alterations on the BF stuff we bought here?

  18. Already took my stuff to the tailor because no way bb will offer free tailoring on stuff red-x’d with permanent marker on the label . My tailor is in the london terrace complex and frankly he’s way better than brooks brothers. BB send all their stuff out now; it’s NOT done in house anymore.

  19. @RobF

    fku, this is a website called thechoosybeggar. it’s also a legit question since bb offers free tailoring on all suiting.

  20. OK, guys I have to admit, I almost bought a Man’s jacket from the sale today. But in my defense it was MONCLER by Thom Browne. I heard the guy behind the counter trying to pronounce the name and he told me it was in the glass case for the past 2 days but no one has looked at it. It was the SKI jacket that looks like a gray wool blazer on the front and plastic on the back and sleeves. I could have died. It was only $300 (Retails for $1,750).

    I tried it on but it was a man’s Large and I am a Woman’s small ;-( Alas, once I had it on a man noticed and bought it once I took it off.

    Did anyone see any other Moncler jackets?

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