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— Thu, 18th November 2010 —

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Whoa, some strong opinions about Steven Alan‘s latest sample sale going through Sunday, 11/21. It’s definitely smaller than usual. Upstairs, along the back left wall…

… you’ll find a single row of non-SA stock, including some very wearable Relwen flannels, sweaters, and outerwear (Everybody Loves Relwen!); a few passable Hyden Yoo coats and trenches; and some unhappy Rogan outerwear. Downstairs, along with some Quoddy and Comey footwear, it’s all standard SA fare, which, despite what some readers say, is brimming with potential. Light-blue hiking jackets ($160) would compliment any guy’s wardrobe; Fair Isle shetland wool sweaters ($150) are all charm; cashmere beanies and cotton scarfs ($50 and $35) are all good. And, of course, there’s Alan’s signature shirts ($68), which, while not Alan’s best work, offer plenty of options. What can we say? We feel about Alan’s gear the way we imagine a farmer feels about his overalls, or Brett Favre feels about his Wrangler’s. Easy and agreeable.

Steven Alan Sample Sale – 87 Franklin St btwn Broadway & Church – 212-343-0692 – Thurs-Fri 8:30am-8pm, Sat 11pm-7pm, Sun 11pm-5pm – Map

  1. Can anyone give me an idea of the quality and fit of Steven Alan shirts? I’m from PA and these clothes are nowhere to be found anywhere around here. From the talk on here, it sounds like they are good quality, but $168 full price for a button down is a bit much, better be impeccable.

  2. I’ve seen the shirts in person and they are not “all that”. Spend your money elsewhere.

  3. I was not happy with the sale- seemed like not the best selection as in the past. I guess if you don’t already own a plaid shirt then 68 dollars is worth it.

  4. Jake–Watch for a sale on Gilt groupe. They are usually no more than $70 there (be careful to choose Made in USA shirts only–they are making some real crap abroad for discount channels). The shirts are decent, but a dubious purchase at $168.

  5. I was the first male in line this morning, as I unfortunately did not read yesterday’s comments on this year’s selection, or lack thereof. This being my 5th or 6th SA sale, it was the only time I’ve ever left empty handed. The button down shirts were miserable, I don’t think I need to expand much more beyond what everyone else has said. The non-SA items in Medium were quite limited and nothing special. The SA sweaters, at $150, were not exactly a steal. Luckily my wife found a few things, because we had bought 2 of the $100 coupons for $50 ( expecting to buy as much as we usually do at the sale.

  6. I agree with Nick, not very good selection. If you guys are looking for the Chari and Co collaboration shirt/jacket, they have it in red in just about every size. It was a remarkable value at $120 when I picked it up, it’s a total steal at $68.

    The outerwear is a bit ridiculous. $270 for jackets that were $130 with coupon in the online sample sale last week. I think in the future I’ll beat the crowds and stick to the online sale…the prices/selection were MUCH better.

  7. Ended up with an incredibly soft alternative apparel hoodie for $19. They had dark green/black, grey, light greey, lavender, red/black, and brown. Alt Apparel t shirts were $9 or 5 for $30 (white, blue, and some weird green, blue, gray, red colors with speckled black.

  8. Just got back. Prices way down. $55 sweaters, $45 pants. Prices down on everything but shirts. Don’t let the haters deter you. Plenty of good stuff. I got a pair of Yuketeens for $100.

  9. I went to the LA version before it hit NY 2 wks ago. Selection was definitely limited- maybe they put a halt on production with the poor economy?
    I love SA shirts. I’ve worn others and Steven Alan’s are luxurious. Their fabrics are top quality. Of course, I NEVER buy at full price but it is definitely worth it (at sample sale prices) for $50. The quality and tailoring is uncomparable.

    Clothehorse from LA

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