At To Boot Warehouse Sale

— Fri, 12th November 2010 —

Some surprisingly strong opinions about To Boot’s Warehouse Sale going through Sunday, 11/14. Tons of stock – That’s for sure. Considering the quality make, the prices are pretty reasonable, too: bucks for $119; loafers for $150; chelsea boots for $200. Granted, no steals either…

(Note: Apologies for the detail-deficient group shots, but we were asked not to focus on specific shoes.)

Belts for $69 (2 for $99)

Dress socks for $10 a pair (3 pairs for $25; and 8 pairs for $50)

To Boot Warehouse Sale – 603 Washington St btwn Morton & Leroy – CASH ONLY – Fri 8:30-6:30, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm – Map

  1. I won’t be making it to this sale, but I’ve had excellent success at To Boot sales in past years. Excellent quality shoes, boots (sweet, sweet deer hide) and belts. Been a loyal To Boot customer for at least 10 years now (Phx–retail; NYC–sample sales). Highly recommended.

  2. I was there this morning (11/13) around 11am and purchased a pair of Studded boots for $99. Adam (the designer) was there and mentioned they were worth $900. They’re size ER 45 (US 12). Honestly, I was really lucky to be in the right place and at the right time. An associate was restocking a crate full of shoes and they were obviously in the crate. The shoes quickly caught my attention and left me with no option, but to purchase them. I’m not sure which collection they’re from, regardless I’m happy 🙂

    I would send a picture to TheChoosyBeggar, but I don’t have their e-mail.

  3. I was there today-and I must say there were many bargains to be had. Adam, the designer, was there – which is probably why this time around the availability of stock was so much better than previously… Not sure if pricing will be further reduced tomorrow – but it is very much worth the current prices – especially given the selection.

  4. I asked one of the associates if there will be further deductions tomorrow, before I left this morning. He believes Adam will stay with the current deal, “Buy Three Pairs, Get the Fourth for $1”.

  5. I heard for sure that they discovered a ton more belts and will definitely be reducing prices tomorrow. The shoes are flying off the racks so I think tomorrow is the last chance at the ‘regular’ but very reduced prices. The cash machines in the area are all out so bring cash or be prepared to walk back to Sheridan Square or Varick St.

  6. Closest thing guys in NYC have to the Louboutin or Manolo madness! I got a bunch Saturday night before closing but still tons left (depending on sizes) for Sunday. Dont miss it.

  7. Anyone know if there were any shoes from his collaboration with lattanzi? I know it’s a long shot but I figured it is worth asking

  8. I’m glad that there are some differing opinions on these shoes now. I’m a big To Boot fan and go to this sale every chance I get. I think I have 8 or 9 pairs of their shoes. I’m not sure if I have ever been to this sale where Adam was not there. Disappointed that I missed it this time around because I’m out of town.

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