Barneys “Private Sale”

— Wed, 17th November 2010 —

Beginning tomorrow, 11/18, Barneys and Barneys Co-Op‘s will be hosting “private sales,” featuring (what we expect will be) 40% off select F/W ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. In the spring, this included mostly “older” S/S stock. Let us know what turns up — after you’ve had your way with the selection, of course. 

Update: We’re hearing that, in some cases, the markdowns actually exceed 40%, and most stores are already setting aside pieces per your gentlemanly request.

  • Barneys – 660 Madison Ave at 61st – 212-826-8900 – Map
  • Co-Op – 2151 Broadway between 75th & 76th – 646-335-0978 – Map
  • Co-Op – 236 West 18th St between 7th & 8th – 212-593-7800 – Map
  • Co-Op – 194 Atlantic Avenue at Court St – 718-637-2234 – Map

  1. This isn’t the one day Barney’s sale where almost everything in mens can be had for 40% off right? (Probably a year or two ago I picked up a classic Bottega wallet for 40%)..

  2. On another page (the one for the Kesner sale), someone posted that they’re waiting for the Barney’s Co-op 60% + 33% off sale. Does that sale actually exist? Seems too good to be true.

  3. Thanks, Roan. When does it typically happen? I’m in need of some denim, but for that sort of discount I can be patient!

  4. Usually, a week or 3 before the warehouse sale……….. In fact, it is sometimes better than the actual warehouse sale itself!

  5. Does anyone know the scope of this sale i.e. which designers are included? Also what’s this talk about the sale next week? Does anyone know if there is a one day sale next week with the 40 percent off? I know they did that a few years back but I don’t recall that they did last year.

  6. Just came back from the barney’s on madison. Looks like a few gant rugger sweaters on sale for $99 (maybe a plaid or two), Burkman bros. shirts for $99 as well, some barney’s co-op stuff, and the levi’s vintage line. I asked around and it’s only select styles from each brand that are marked down.

  7. Yeah I was at coop on 18th and I saw absolutely nothing more than 40% off.

  8. Went to the Brooklyn location today… not much to choose from, to be honest. Prices on Gant were still way more than they were at the sample sale a few months ago. They had only a bit of COOP brand, some Gant Rugger, Levis and others. Only a few items per brand.