Brooks Bros./Alden, Thom Browne, …

— Tue, 23rd November 2010 —

  1. So you’re advertising as a “good deal,” a stupid Black Fleece trench for $300 that sold for $150 2 days ago at the Housing Works sale? And there were about 18 of them left as of Sunday night. People, please save your money and call Housing Works to see if they have any left. (718-838-5050) I’m sure they’d be delighted to offload that exact jacket and more Black Fleece at a much better deal and the money would go to charity instead of an opportunist.

  2. Still… disappointing (if not surprising) to see someone flip the coat. Definitely see why BB defaces the label.

  3. yeah really tacky to flip that shit around and make a profit off of a charity sale.

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