Corduroy Appreciation Club Giveaway

— Wed, 3rd November 2010 —

Do you love corduroy, or just imbibing with your fellow man in celebration of such manly material? Then you won’t want to miss the 5th Annual Grand Meeting of The Corduroy Appreciation Club, taking place on that most cord-like of dates, 11/11. In addition to fine refreshments and bonhomie, expect a stirring keynote from Public Radio host, Put This On blogger, and our friend Jesse Thorn. And, because you’re such a classy bunch, event organizers have kindly offered to bestow 5 tickets upon 5 Beggars, free of charge. To enter to win yours, simply Like this post on Facebook (or retweet) by Sunday, 11/07, at midnight. All hail the wale! (If you don’t hear from us by Monday, 11/08, assume that you’ll have to buy your way into the event here.)

Update: It’s Monday, 11/08, and the winners have been selected, fellas. If you’re not one of the lucky few, this event is well worth the $20 admission fee.

  1. I wonder if they’ll have the new corduroy pillows?
    — They’re making headlines.

  2. Hmm… How does one “like” a post when it doesn’t have a “like” button? And also without it having been posted on the Choosy Beggar’s facebook page?

  3. Weird. Not seeing the Like button in Firefox 3.6.12 on a Mac. Anyway, Retweeted. 🙂

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