From Circular Timex’s To Circular Jerks

— Mon, 1st November 2010 —

This weekend, Michael Williams’ latest Selectism post caught our eye for several reasons. On one hand, Williams — a PR man by trade — deconstructs the hype over expensive special Timex editions, and finds it to be misplaced. Regarding one hype-free Timex, he writes: “I’ve been wearing the Camper Expedition (which I bought on Amazon for even less, $18 I think) for about the last six weeks and nearly everyday someone asks me what it is … Pound for pound, dollar for dollar it is probably the most remarked item I have ever owned.”

What really caught our attention, however, is who/what Williams blames for the incongruous relationship between hype and reality: “The heritage-obsessed circle-jerk-menswear-blog-world … (which, for better or worse, I am undeniably a part of).” Admits Williams: “I need to do a better job of seeing what’s in front of me (or seeking out things from unexpected places) and not just focusing on what is being regurgitated on Twitter and in the menswear internet hand-job-fest that closes in more and more everyday.”

We applaud the candor — particularly coming from an industry insider and PR professional — and are equal parts weary and wary of bloggers who add little to the conversation. Matters of menswear needn’t be overcomplicated or over-thought. Yet, unoriginality and laziness represent the two greatest threats to the health of a serious style (and shopping) dialogue. Sure, you can argue that Williams has greater access to “stylish things” than your average Joe, but that doesn’t excuse the rampant reuse of stock images and uncreative trend rephrasing that dominate so many sites. Take a picture, for f*ck sake. Write an honest and personal review. Find that Camper Expedition in a sea of overpriced “special edition” Timex’s. We’ll all be better for it.

  1. Truer words were never spoken regarding the menswear tumblr/blog crowd. This too shall pass.

  2. Funny. I have a timex camper. $19.99 on amazon. And I put one of those striped j crew bands on it and I have gotten lots of comments. It’s light and cheap though. Time for upgrade soon.

  3. Can anyone link me to the Timex Camper watch thou is speaking of?

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