Gilt Man’s Secret Sale Site

— Thu, 4th November 2010 —

Er, Did any of you know that Gilt Man had a “Secret Sale” page, featuring a huge $14 rack (?!), along with racks where everything is going for $22, $44, $88, and $188?! A former buyer for Gilt just sent us the link. Considering how much stock the company handles, we’re not exactly surprised, but… well, now we know.

  1. Very little left worth buying, and mostly in big sizes…oh well. How to find out about this in the future??

  2. Can you ask your friend whether it’ll be a recurring / ongoing sale and whether there’s something similar for Gilt Home?

  3. I would love to know about Home too. I was a bit late for the party on this one, although I did pick up a smashing deal on two items.

  4. I could be wrong, but it looks like it’s mostly left over summer stock that they’re trying to clear out. Maybe they do this at the end of each season. I can’t see it being a regular thing otherwise they’d never make any money.

  5. any indication of whether there was a women’s version? My girlfriend is nagging me now.

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