John Varvatos, Operations Sample Sale

— Fri, 5th November 2010 —

Officially through Sunday, 11/07, that never-ending sample sale spot on 5th Ave. & 28th is unloading tons of stock from John Varvatos and (defunct brand) Operations. If you can’t make it this weekend, though, expect these guys to still be hocking leftovers months from now.

Update: Expect to find Varvatos and Operations stock, but no new shipments, or anything out of the ordinary, a sale reps tells us. Repeat, this is anything but a blowout event. That is all.

John Varvatos / Operations Sample Sale – Misorena Ltd. – 260 5th Ave between 28th & 29th 212-725-5400 – Map

  1. Anyone go? If so, were there tuxedo’s available? I called the number, and the lady who picked up was too lazy to check.

  2. Hmm, if anyone gets down there, let us know how it is. I’d like to pick up a tux but only if the price and quality is right.

  3. Not the full blown out Varvatos sale that I’m used to. Not worth going IMO and selections were sparse. I didn’t see any tuxes. Prices: Sport shirts $50
    Pants $95
    Blazers $250
    Outerwear $195
    Scarves $150
    Jeans $75
    Short sleeve $50
    Long sleeve $75

  4. It is more Star USA that JV proper. That said, I picked up a couple decent formal shirts for $40 each. A tip for this place, you can usually haggle a few dollars off with the guys there. I always get the distinct feeling at this place that the stuff fell off the back of a truck, if you catch my drift. But I have few morals when it comes to cheap sportswear.

  5. I think John Varvatos does a proper sale at this venue, which I usually love to get shoes at. This sale was not that. Sorry everyone.

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