Kesner’s Big Fall Sale

— Tue, 16th November 2010 —

What’s this? A friendly tipster tells us that West Village boutique Kesner is taking 50% off virtually all stock. Seeing as how it’s not 2008, we’re surprised by such severe markdowns in mid-November. Did Kesner jump ahead of the pack, or have you spotted steep price cuts elsewhere?

Not long ago, 50% off at Kesner meant Gilded Age flannel shirts for $100, and Patrik Ervell gray cashmere blazers for $575. For what’s it worth, our tipster says: “They now carry pretty reasonably priced stuff.”

Kesner – 524 Hudson St at W 10th St – 212-206-6330 – Map

  1. i live nearby and walk in now and then. this place continually has some of the worst merchandising and purchasing issues of any mens store. im truly surprised they are still in business.

    its a shame because the salespeople are nice and the selection is ok. i think they added womenswear to their menswear just to hedge but obviously they are still having sales issues if they are marking down this early.

  2. its usually in line with the other odin shops. personally, i haven’t been interested in purchasing anything from odin for 2-3 years now. they tend to now stock labels and styles that are just too black and too goth for my taste.

  3. ………..I am waiting patiently for the Co-op 60% + 33% sale!!! 🙂

    I know, this has nothing to do with Kesner nor Odin.

  4. Everything is included in the sale. What does irt mean when a store totally changes it’s lineup? And puts eveything on sale before thanksgiving? I think someones having problems paying their bills.

  5. I believe this store has no gone out of business. is that true?
    if it is closed, anyone know a contact # to purchase their stock as a closeout, assuming their wholesalers/designers didn’t scoop it up b4 losing $

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