McMillan For Governor!

— Tue, 2nd November 2010 —

We respect Andrew Cuomo’s vision for a leaner state government, and the mad-as-hell zeal that Carl Paladino brings to the party, but, at the end of the day, our gubernatorial endorsement couldn’t not go to Jimmy McMillan. McMillan’s got the chops — literally, look at his face! — the style, the smooth delivery, and, oh, did we mention he’s a karate expert! What?! Come on. The man represents “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party! If that’s not in line with The Beggar’s political philosophy, then nothing is. Jimmy McMillan for governor!

  1. Hey Beggar, stick to deal info, not humorous political endorsements! You’re very good at the former.

    You’re a couple weeks late, anyways.


  2. lighten up dude…i voted for mcmillan in 2006, im voting for him today.

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