Montblanc Friends & Family Sale

— Mon, 22nd November 2010 —

Through Tuesday, 11/23, get to Montblanc‘s “private” friends and family sale for fountain pens down from $600 to $150; leather bags down from $1,000 to $250; …

Montblanc Friends & Family Sale – Roosevelt Hotel – 45 East 45th Street btw Madison – Vanderbilt Suite – Mon 8:30am- 5:30pm, Tuesday 8:30am-4:30pm – Map

  1. Pens ranged from $125 to $600 with some outliers on the top end, namely a $4K+ limited edition piece.

    Keychains, about three or four men’s bags, some belts, and about 10 watches.

    Ended up picking up a women’s automatic watch for my lady. $2,000 retail and $671 at the sale.

  2. forgot to mention that a sales associate said they would be restocking tomorrow morning.

  3. Yes. They do not check. It’s on the second floor of the hotel in the Vanderbilt Suite. They do not ask for anything.

  4. thanx, you the man!! you think it’s worth a trip from baltimore for it?

  5. excellent sale as always, though the most desirable stuff (ie, 149 pen and Timewalker watch) always goes fast — i ask every time i go, and was told those went in the first 10min. i went yesterday at 4pm. leather bags were going fast, mostly hard-sided briefcase styles left. some brown pocket-style long wallet and a rather attractive limited edition white wallet left, both about $100. lots of cufflinks, $70-100. some bracelets, rings, necklaces. the pen selection is overwhelmingly fountain pens; some very desirable pieces left though, Starwalker in Resin, Cool Blue, and Rubber/Metal ($140-180). Boheme Platinum Doue and Gold Doue (both about $220). not many classic Meisterstuck styles, other than in the metals. they even had a few 100yr Soulmaker Limited Edition pens available (up to $2000), plus other 888 series. some purses, jewelry pieces, sunglasses for women. i spotted 2 automatic watches, priced $700, for men that were rather forgettable; the others were quartz styles, left over from the previous sale. i really consider this one of the best sales of the year, as Montblanc never goes on sale except for some elusive FF events (it’s like a chance to buy Louis Vuitton on sale), the discount is steep (consistently 75% off), large selection, and the quality is really first-rate. it’s also a great chance to stock up on gifts for the holidays.

  6. Went again this morning and there was some restocking on the leather goods and keychains. Alas the pen i saw yesterday and decided upon today was sold.

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