Pop-Up Flea Feels The Deals

— Sat, 20th November 2010 —

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Through Sunday, 11/21, the Pop-Up Flea‘s back and fully stocked with all kinds of hand-sewn, leathery goodness. We stopped by Friday and asked every available vendor to name their best deal…

And remember to drop by Court’s exclusive fall sale just down the block!

Pop-Up Flea – Open House Gallery – 201 Mulberry St btw Spring & Kenmare – Fri 3pm-9pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm – Map

  1. Thanks for the report TCB! Looks like a lot of nice things!!! I promised myself I’d go this year, but it aiin’t gonna happen. I LOVE THE BEAN BOOTS!!!

  2. i stopped by…i stopped by at all of them. its so weird. these dudes just take this stuff way too seriously. to me, they seem like characters in a bad tv show. so desperate for masculinity that they end up being caricatures of real men.

    ive been checking out shops around the world since i was 13-14 years old…i don’t make a fuss about finding cool shit.


  3. Hm, an already worn-in $2400 leather jacket…..reminds me of the fad of jeans that come with holes in them for $100 a few years back. Sam’s comment may have some merit. See also: fuckyeamenswear.tumblr.com

    Creating an image rather than earning it seems to be more important, as it always has been, and all these people are trend followers. Give it a year or two and most of these new brands will either fold or restructure to make affordable items since no one will be buying.

  4. Filing a $2,400 jacket under ‘deals’ was a joke, Jim. Glad the focus of this thread is shifting from the products/deals — many of which we like very much — to the ‘scene’… ‘nother joke.

  5. Why is being enthusiastic about your craft and making a living selling it with other like-minded entrepreneurs “taking yourself way too seriously”

    I mean, you HAVE been traveling the world’s shops since you were but a tween so i just gotta know

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