Steven Alan Online Sample Sale

— Thu, 11th November 2010 —

Can’t make it to Steven Alan‘s L.A. or N.Y.C. sample sale? Fret not because, right this minute, Alan’s hosting his semiannual online sample sale featuring much of the same stock — at the same prices — as you’d find at any physical sale.

  1. Also – spring25 for 25% (shh…)

    Refresh a couple times too if your size is “Out of Stock”. That’s worked for me.

  2. Wow Eric… if this works, I think you are my idol.
    Choosy – any picks in the sample worth looking at?

  3. I don’t know how anyone ever pays full price for anything Steve Alan. The stuff is on sale all day every day somewhere in the world.

  4. I’ve been trying to get the 25% off the new stuff but it’s not working.

  5. Have to agree with Slim and frankly, Steven Alan has fallen off a cliff in terms of style and design. I remember about 4 or 5 years ago when it was the place to go, but these days, the stuff all sucks. It’s a contrived overly styled woodsman look, that frankly, myself and just about anyone I know is tired of. Plus when you go to the Tribeca shop or any of them, you have a bunch of nitwits who are unhelpful and that think far too highly of themselves. I’d rather get shagged on in the Loro Piana dept at Bergdorf, but these morons, most of which has been in NYC for less than 2 years, well, let’s just say shopping at and for Steven Alan gear, has moved to the far bottom of the list these days. Save your money people. Go buy something of quality or save for an extra month and go to Lord Willy’s or Seize and have a few shirts made and look like an adult. My money is that Steven Alan is shut down in the next 12-24 months. Reducing prices by 80% the first week of Nov? Just call it a gut feeling…

  6. can anyone answer why when you try and buy a steven alan sample shirt the price goes from 68 dollars to 119 dollars

  7. Buyer beware: yesterday I used the “spring25” code, and it was applied to my cart (it has since been disabled). When I submitted my order though, the confirmed total didn’t reflect the discount. I emailed their web order customer service, and left a message at the corp office for the web order person. No response. Now both the web order mailbox and the general mailbox are full.

  8. jane, the online sample sale is over…you missed it.

    as for anonymous, ive been buying steven alan for about 10 yrs now. im small and their shirts fit me like a glove. while it is far from original, the fit is great, the patterns are solid, and everything is made in america…and made well. i never buy a full priced shirt from them as there are ample times to get them on discount.

    as for the service at tribeca…i fully agree. over the last year or so, the new salespeople suck. total bitches, bad attitudes. it used to staff some nice hip kids but not anymore.

    my biggest issue with the label is the overproduction of their stuff. they produce so much these days and there’s so much inventory from previous years that there’s a glut of crappy steven alan stuff out there.

  9. Steven Alan has become the J.A Banks of the hipster world. buy one reversable seam shirt and get 2 free!!!
    Fron an insiders perspective. the needle work on most of the garments is questonable at best. fabric is medicore.
    It is easy to figure out the costing. even at half off, there is a nice margin. of course that margin pales by Band of Outsiders.

  10. Just noticed this statement on the Steven alan for dockers site:

    “Steven Alan for DOCKERS draws upon the unique historical references of the DOCKERS brand and reinterprets them for modern sensibilities by applying some of the key aesthetic principles of the Steven Alan brand”

    HISTORICAL? Dockers has always been a crappy department store brand. why no modern version of the pleated khaki pant!