Steven Alan Sample Sale

— Wed, 17th November 2010 —

It’s that time again. Thursday through Sunday, 11/18/11/21, Steven Alan‘s hosting his famous semiannual sample sale featuring up to 75% off F/W stock, along with various annex offerings from Loomstate, Sophomore, Relwen, Gilded Age, Bentley Cravats ties, Rogan, Loomstate, Hyden Yoo, Generic Surplus, … See what a Steven Alan sample sale looks like here.


Steven Alan Sample Sale – 87 Franklin St btwn Broadway & Church – 212-343-0692 – Thurs-Fri 8:30am-8pm, Sat 11pm-7pm, Sun 11pm-5pm – Map

  1. Unimpressed Prices seem way up (bleh wool coats for $250, sweaters for $150!!, shoes for $200). Many shirts, but mostly seem to be plaids that missed the mark. A few years ago you could score amazing deals under $50 at these sales – no more. Note that for a few dollars more you can have first pick of these items in retail locations during end of season sales.

  2. Old reverse seams, not any that I saw from Fall 2010, or even Pre Fall 2010.

  3. i went as usual. definitely higher prices than i remember for everything except shirts. shirt selection was a B-…better than the last few sample sales but still nothing outstanding. i dont rock reverse seam anything. not as much from other designers as in the past. lots of hyden yoo and relwen but nothing too interesting or for excellent prices.

    i may go again on sunday if they drop prices. i will give this sale a B- overall.

  4. Agreed. A lot of lackluster stuff, not worth the prices they were marked at. Give it a couple of weeks. The stuff will be at the SA outlet for even less.

  5. Prices were nutso….I walked up to the register with an item that only had the original tag and they told me there was no discount on the item. In other words, full price at a sample sale. Another item there I copped for 40% off last winter and that was considerably cheaper than what they were asking for it. I used to like this sale, but this was a waste of time. Of course, results may vary but I’ve always bought something at these things until this one.

  6. Yeah, I don’t think they’ll move too many of those sweaters for $150. I saw a lot of samples from Fall 2010 and even Spring 2011 in shirts and pants.

    I went by The News. Great prices on Band of Outsiders shirts: $40. But really bad selection in terms of style and sizes (almost all S or XL). Otherwise just Shipley and Halmos (how much longer are they around for?) and Cheap Mondays (didn’t look for shoes, to be honest).

  7. Went to the sale as well. Very sketchy labeling of the prices on non-SA stuff, because lets be honest, SA house label is garbage. The shirts are garbage, and Steven clearly does not understand where the market is heading right now for mens shirting – please call me out if I am wrong. His shirts are overly baggy, made in China, and are extremely flimsy and prone to excessive wrinkling. Saw SA myself at the sample sale – considered saying something.

  8. thom, most of his shirts are american made. as for the label, i think its getting better. steven is smart…if menswear is moving in a particular direction, he is bringing it to nyc.

    im an XS…those shirts fit me like a glove. keep in mind that the sample sale is so popular and he has so much excess inventory that he just dumps years old crap at the sale. the sale is/was best when they had current stuff. i haven’t seen that in the last 2 years at the sample sale.

  9. The only SA shirt I own – which I still wear to this day – was purchased in ’08 and is marked “made in China”. It is flimsy and a moderate step up from J Crew for twice the price. Glad it fits everyone else – sorry to spam. Hoping for better luck at Barneys, as well as more Engineered Garments for real sale prices (70% off). Cheers all

  10. I have to agree with most of the negative comments above. There was a wide selection of shirts, and I found a couple whose patterns I liked, but they felt cheaply made and fit oddly. I’m your basic large, and most brands’ larges fit me well, but these made my body look weird. Has anyone else had that experience with SA’s shirts? I also don’t dig the reverse seam thing. In any case, 68 bucks doesn’t feel like any kind of bargain to me. Some of the sweaters looked nice, but I wasn’t about to pay $150 for them.

  11. steven alan shirts are pretty cheaply made. that said, you probably shouldn’t go to a steven alan sample sale if you don’t like steven alan shirts.

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