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— Fri, 12th November 2010 —

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  1. a week to a month if possible. Since I am not actually a New York resident, baltimore actually, going up to NYC for a sale and to catch a show is a big time commitment. I am really looking forward to the good John Varvatos sale, Robert Geller, and whatever one Phillip Lim pieces end showing up at.

  2. When does John Varvatos hold his sale? I thought it was a few weeks ago and heard it wasn’t anything special.

  3. I went by the sale at Bloomingdales yesterday, and it was quite good, especially with the extra 20% off Friends and Family (through Sunday–if you didn’t get a card, just ask). Got a Gitman Brothers shirt for $50 (about 65% off) and a Trovata sweater for $70 (about 55% off).

    Barneys sale starts next Wednesday–I bet you can pre-sale stuff this weekend.

  4. That wasn’t the true a Varvatos sample sale, StayTrue. The space that normally holds the sale — on 5th btwn 28th & 29th — always has some marked down Varvatos stock lying around. No word yet on the next ‘true’ Varvatos sample sale.

  5. Sample sales operate under the economic principles of price discrimination and self-selection: people group themselves by how much they’re willing to pay for a good.

    If sample sales become too convenient (advertised long beforehand, well stocked, well run, etc.) then people who were willing to buy at full price will be tempted to purchase at the sample sale instead. To prevent this from happening, sample sales are inconvenient, unpleasant and unadvertised.

    check yo self beggars

    Price Discrimination and Intertemporal Self-Selection

  6. Right, as far as brands are concerned, they’re learning very fast that in this age of information, the cat’s out of the bag (from sale dates to mobile sale pics to real-time reviews and updates), and it’s just a matter of who’s going to organize it best… because someone sure as heck is going to…

  7. The sales (sample and otherwise) calendar is no secret these days. It more and more seems like ‘retail price’ is for rich people who want convenience and confidence that they will get exactly the items they want… For everyone else: the big stores (Bergdorf, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Saks) are already on sale, and its only mid November. Sample sales like Steven Alan or for that matter Martin Margiela occur on a regular basis. Designers do fine with these sample sales–most of the stuff is not less than wholesale price, which is what they sell it to Barneys or Odin at anyway.

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