Up In Dockers’ Khaki Wader

— Tue, 9th November 2010 —

Following some serious rebranding, the phrase “Dockers’ style” sounds less like an oxymoron than ever before. Putting aside the marketing stuff — as much as one can — A Headlong Dive jumps into a pair of Dockers’ Khaki Wader’s, and finds their temperature just right:

“Really impressed with these. The fit is true to size and the weight of the washed twill is much thicker than I thought it would be, creating some nice honeycomb action behind the leg and interesting lived in folds throughout the chino. If you are in the market for a pair of slim fitting chinos, for a mere $49.00, these are indeed worth procuring.”

[A Headlong Dive via Valet]

  1. Thanks for the great write up! When are we going to see you in some Dockers? 😉