A.P.C. Holiday Sale

— Wed, 15th December 2010 —

Beginning Thursday, 12/16, A.P.C. kicks off its holiday sale featuring up to 50% off F/W ’10 stock. No raw denim, though, never the denim.

A.P.C. Flagship – 131 Mercer St btw Prince & Spring – 212-966-9685 – Map
A.P.C. Surplus – 35 Grand St btw Kent Ave & Wythe St – 347-381-3193 – Map

  1. They usually do a deeper discount sale after Christmas, don’t they?

  2. Ha! I never quite understood the purpose of that “surplus” store. Hindsight is 20/20 but building a certified APC store in BK by calling it a surplus was just not going to last.

  3. Online much easier 🙂
    Got the 50% on the items I wanted, then they will ship or pick up free at Mercer St.
    Still in my PJ’s here ha 🙂

  4. Hey Nick,

    Do you have a link to their online sale? I went to their main site and didn’t see any sale on their Fall 2010 collecction.

  5. Just came back (empty-handed). But Winston’s link is pretty on point for what’s on sale. There’s also the crescent down works jackets at the store for 30% off.

  6. What is the APC fit like? Is it super small? I usually wear a large and just ordered a coat. Hope it fits. Anyone have any info on the fit?

  7. how much are the crescent down works jackets? do you know what sizes they have?

  8. @scrod: even with the 30% discount the jackets still come out to around $450 – down from $600-something.

  9. I picked instore pickup and APC shipped my clothes last night for free
    will get them this morning 🙂 cool!

  10. @jim thanks. i went there and tried one on. nice, but they didn’t have the color i wanted in my size and i felt like it was sorta out of my price range anyway.

  11. Extra 10% off if they damage your purchase at checkout. Not at bad sale – though the french have a rigid aesthetic.

  12. I made an order on 12/16 and my order still hasn’t shipped. ANyone else make a web order? Thinking about cancelling my order because of no correspondence.

  13. @Jake: my web order (also made 12/16) was just cancelled by APC– doesn’t seem like they know how manage online sale items! I chose NY pick-up, and called today because I still hadn’t heard from them; and they told me my order “would probably be cancelled” within the week. Huh? I wonder if Nick got his items…

  14. Joe, they email you or did you talk to them on the phone? My emails have gone unanswered too.

  15. They didn’t email me– still haven’t with anything official– but I did manage to get someone on the phone, calling the mail order number (212-966-0069 x3). Good luck, and keep me/us posted! I’ll do the same.

    For the prices, one would think the service would be a lot more professional.

  16. I managed to get someone on the phone after about 10 tries. She said she would get back to me by the end of the day, but I don’t understand why it’s so hard to input an order number in a computer. She said if my order was cancelled I would have known by now. They are lucky I like the coat I ordered or it would be cancelled haha. I’ll keep you updated Joe.

  17. End of the day still no call and no one answers any extensions, i mean how does this place expect to make money? I could be calling to place an order for all they know. This is the first and last time i order from these clowns

  18. Sorry u guys are having trouble 🙁
    I ordered Thursday, and got package from UPS Friday 🙂

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