Barneys Sale Gets Serious

— Thu, 16th December 2010 —

Citywide, Barneys and Barneys Co-Op‘s are now taking up to 60% off select F/W ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. Can Bergdorfs and Saks be far behind? Thanks to Steve for alerting us to the additional markdowns, which we just confirmed with Barneys.

  • Barneys – 660 Madison Ave at 61st – 212-826-8900 – Map
  • Co-Op – 2151 Broadway between 75th & 76th – 646-335-0978 – Map
  • Co-Op – 236 West 18th St between 7th & 8th – 212-593-7800 – Map
  • Co-Op – 194 Atlantic Avenue at Court St – 718-637-2234 – Map

  1. Glad to hear this. Engineered Garments at Barneys is pretty picked over (as of 3 weeks ago), for those who were previously wondering.

  2. Did this go into effect today? I just came back from the 18th St. location and everything was pretty much the same price.

  3. I went to Madison Ave this evening. Although I didn’t check every single sales item, the ones I looked at on Co-op (a lot, esp. brands often mentioned on this site like Gant and Engineered Garments) were still at 40%. On Third Floor designer, a few labels (NOT Band of Outsiders) were down to 60%: Marc Jacobs and Adam Kimmel, for example. So if you can afford to spend $150 to $250 on a shirt, and you like those labels, knock yourself out. The rest of us should probably wait another week or so.

  4. The sale at Barney’s was definitely not that great. Most stuff still at 40% off and not 60%.

  5. Barneys won’t be 60% after Christmas. If you want something, talk to the salesperson. They can put stuffs aside for presale for you.

  6. Barneys is actually at 60% right now, including Prada, but not every floor is up to 60%.

  7. Is anyone else on a Moncler watch? I tried to pick one up last year the first day it went on sale online but they never received my order apparently despite charging my card. Want to know when the best time to buy is.

  8. According to commenter ‘anonymous’ on Madison Avenue Spy, most sale items will go down to 60% tomorrow (Wednesday).

  9. Barney’s just sent another email out announcing the “up to 60%” off sale and I noticed something I was following dropped another $200.

  10. Thanks Beggar! Thanks Steve, may be dropping by store tomorrow to check it out.

  11. Hey guys just checked some of the stuff not too much on the 60%. Lots of the denim such asThom Browne, Naked and Famous, Nudies, Rayleigh, Jbrand hit the 60%. some apparel by APC, RRL , Band of Outsiders also hit the 60%. Lots of the items are still 190-200 and if you can dish out that much for them its a good deal for you since they are taking it down from about 600.

  12. If anyone is looking for Moncler, looks like Bloomingdale’s has discounted some prices already on some of their jackets. The Ribera and the Chevalier, are knocked down app.$400 and $250 respectively.

  13. Another Moncler and possibly other update. Barney’s has started slashing prices on the the items. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough and they sold out of the one that I wanted (Ribera), but there are other jackets if you are looking.